Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Hallowee'n - can the rain stop now please?

For once it's not stitching - But we had a Hallowee'n lunch today.
Mummy onna stick!

 I'll post the recipe on my cooking blog - Though fiddly, they are fun to make and very effective when served on a plate.  I made octopus too from the little boys.
I really would love to make the Cheese & Bacon Turtleburgers (go on google it... you know you want to),  but have to work out how to get enough bacon to make an effective shell.  Aussie Bacon looks different to American Bacon, but  gem of the idea is brewing..

Also showing photos from today's walk along the creek - there ARE roos across what is now Kennedy Lake, the creek having filled and burst its banks - this was a fast flowing bit of water.  I know we need the rain, but I'm so over it now.  I need to dry out before I develop webbed feet!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday morning sunrise

I woke a few minutes before the alarm today, and rather than try to capture a few more ounces of snooze, got up and set off for my daily perambulation with the dog.

As I stepped from the front door, it was just light. I acknowledged Lady Moon with a nod. She was demurely covered by a few wisps of cloud, still looking stunning 4 days past her prime.

I turned to the east, towards the creek and noticed the horizon has just a few faint tinges of mauve - the early sunrise catching the thin bank of cloud, changing the colour from it's pre-dawn blue-grey. Second, by second, the glow stretched and changed hue. As if watching a parade of young princes from Siam, each moment surpassing the previous.

I wanted to keep an eye out for wildlife, but my eyes were constantly drawn over my right shoulder as I walked along the creek. The pink glow gave way to a rosier glow, putting on a display for me, and me only. It was almost as if this sunrise wanted to be the best it could - after all, it only has one chance. The glow turned to an orange glow, fiery bright in it's embrace of the sky, deftly enhancing all the patterns in the wispy clouds. "I am the Prince" it shouted from the sky - "See how more colourful and pleasant to the eye I am?"

In an inkling, as if the Prince had heard his father's footsteps around the corner, the bright orange glow, gave way to a bashful, paler, version of itself. The orange lost all it's intensity as the King came closer, stretching his influence with pale golden courtiers.

By this time, I was facing west again, and Lady Moon had covered herself more, but was surrounded by pale pink wisps of cloud, the western sky tinged itself pink as the eastern sky gave way to a pale regal glow, clouds skittering away to announce the rise of this morning's Sun.

The King has arrived! The day may now start.

pakenham 6:45am
Tuesday            26 October 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hot off the needle!!  It's a Lizzie Kate that I was working on this week.  I changed all the colours - used mostly Dinky Dyes.  I did originally stitch the 'O', the spiderweb in fluro DMC green, but changed my mind.  It hasn't shown up well here, but you can see it.  If I feel too thingy about it, I might backstitch part of the web in a mid-grey - we'll see how I feel by next week.  
I didn't stitch the little candy corn, but added a few buttons from my stash.  I won't tell you how many times that plastic spider made me jump while stitching the buttons and hanging cord on the back.
I really don't know if I'll stitch any more Halloween things between now and next sunday.  I'm starting to think more and more about my Christmas stitching.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm going to win a GO Cutter...... well maybe

Like yourself, I've been reading oodles of blogs and here and there I see competitions for the Accuquilt GO cutter.  But I'm not a quilter I say, and I don't have a NEED for something like this I say.  Ok.. So I'm not a quilter, but I AM a Textile artist and wouldn't one of these gizmo's be great fun??  I'm not so worried about cutting squares and half square triangles, but working out other angles and getting them accurate is a bother.
What sort of dies would you want?  Circles - yeah..then you could turn them into suffolk puffs, or scraps for english hexagons, or spots... hmmm yes, perhaps circles.  Hexagons? Could we do away with all those bits of paper (I have a memory of cutting up old envelopes into hexagons for my grandmother)  What about Triangles?  I dare not even open the catalogue page for applique templates...  I'm not a quilter after all, and what need to I have for applique shapes???
I am getting ahead of myself....first I have to win a GO, then I can wax lyrical.  Do you want to enter too??  Then I suppose I should share..  Micki from Irish Muses was a recent winner, and she is now hosting her own GO competition.  Check her blog out - she's called her GO, Colleen, would that mean I'd have to call mine Sheila??
Getting ahead of myself again...counting my chickens before they've hatched...  Good Luck!
(If I am not a quilter, then why am I getting all excited about this machine???)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A very busy Sunday Afternoon - a 'weenie finishing frenzy!!

I've had a busy Sunday afternoon at my sewing machine.  
I was determined to get some finishes done - and started on my recent 'weenie finishes. (let's not think about the dozen or so bags/cushions that are in progress and draped over the machine shall we???)
I started with 'weenie Spider - Somebody very recently on their blog (and you know what happens when you see a great idea - you keep track of the name so you can give credit where it's due - right?  Sorry..once again, I forgot where I saw this idea), used a large glass to make a circle on their fabric - what a great idea and just what I needed for 'Weenie Spider...add a touch of ric-rac (thanks Denise)
I also needed to finish two more cushions - now I have 3 out of the 4 in the series from Carosel Creations - I used some of my new halloween fabric (thanks to Kerry) and again one of the notions from Denise - the Skeleton Ribbon.  I also knew I wanted to make prairie points, so experimented with that technique.  
I fussy cut some fabric for my other car is a broom and made a mini pillow.  To finish up the halloween stitching for today, I fussy cut an owl and a pussycat to sit either side of Friday night's Boo stitch.
I had not finished with the machine....yesterday's Schoolhouse patch was transformed into a pot-holder.  I played with the quilting on this one, quilting in the ditch and made a roof and window pattern.

phew!!!  I think I acheived quite a bit today - it's always nice to have a proper finish in a week!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Funky Frankie, an addition to my table - Stash received and a quilt square made

Meet my newest addition to my Hallloween Table....   Frankie.

Isn't he just the cutest??  He waggles his hands and swivels his head to the song 'Monster Mash' - just push the button on his foot.

The boys are already sick of the song.  What is one of the best things is that he's a 'Gund' brand - not a cheapie.  He'll be out on display all year round.

On a completely different topic - I had the urge hit me late this morning, to stitch something with the georgeous fabric that I won from Denise in a giveaway..  Oh yes.. I hadn't shown you my haul.

Are I not the luckiest lady??  All this wonderful fabric to play with.
Late this morning, I decided I wanted to try a schoolhouse quilt block.  Of course, I couldn't find a pattern anywhere, I knew I had seen it in one of my magazines.  Out came the graph paper and this is the result.
Now that I've made this block, I don't know if I'll need to make a quilt out of these blocks.  I've satisfied the urge already.

Now back to stitching for what is left of the afternoon.  Have pity on me.  We are now the proud owners of a pair of bongo drums.    Hubby and eldest son are playing them over and over again.......  Oh well, it will be quiet here again tomorrow...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Smoking needles - a finish in 2hours!!

I picked up this quickie after dinner tonight and was finished within 2hours.
It is/was a freebie from Blackbird Designs - no title - I call it Quaker Boo.  It is stitched on navy Aida, with a random overdyed floss from my stash.  Stef Francis 'Autumn Leaves'.  I added my initials and this year in Roman Numerals.

It's added to the pile for finishes for Sunday!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Incy-'Weenie 'Pider - another finish - hot off the needle - 'Weenie Madness strikes again!

Another really quick finish - although I stitch quicker when not being absorbed by movies..
I'm due back to work tomorrow, after being laid low by the 'flu for over a week, but I knew I had time to finish one small project for my Halloween Tree.
I do not remember who sent me the Dimensions Leaflet #328 - Trick or Treat - but thank you!!
I am going to try to stitch another one or two more quick designs before Oct 31!
There's something really cute about this little guy...and it's hard to tell, but the fabric is a really pale lilac aida.

I have accepted my destiny now to be consumed by 'Weenie Madness, although both my boys just shake their heads. (fingers crossed that I can buy the plush toy I found today - a Frankenstein monster that groves to 'The Monster Mash')

Sunday, October 10, 2010

HOT off the hoop - another Halloweenie design - GHOULS DON'T CRY

Pic taken draped over my feet - I'm about to sleep tonight in my armchair, but wanted to finish the chart first.!!!!
Companion piece to 'Spook when spoken to' and 'Punkin for Candy'.

One thing about being sick is that i'm getting LOTS of stitching done - lol

Friday, October 8, 2010

Another 'Weenie Finish!! - and October TUSAL

This is a companion chart to last year's Spook when Spooken to - as can be seen on the pics of the Halloween Table on the last post.
This one is called 'Punkin for Candy' and is one of the 4 companion pieces...I'm going to try to finish another one before Halloween this year.
As I am off work with a very sore and infected throat - I might just get it done.

Nearly forgot - Tonight is full moon - TIME FOR T.U.S.A.L
First time in months that I've got it on the right date!!!!!!
See the little bit of orange and white and black at the top??  I wonder where that came from?  Oh yes.. the little ort collector bag in front of the jar...
Is anybody else still following TUSAL?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Proof!! More 'Weenie Madness

I thought I'd also share pics of this year's Halloween Table.  Although there are only 4 stitched ornaments on it again this year, If I get myself organised, there should be a few more by the time Halloween rocks around.
The clock is stuck at 3minutes to midnight - the second hand moves around, but the minutes do not move.  The big witch at the back is battery operated and she cackles and her eyes glow red.  My two pillows from last year are prominent and if you look closely, there are spiders, bats and more witches in the 'tree'  I love the little cardboard bat in the middle with a silly grin. - Oh you can't quite see it, but the table cloth with the ghouls on it was a quilters panel received last month - it's intention is to be a child's costume, but I merely hemmed it as a tree skirt.

Yep, with my 'Weenie Wallhaning, and my 'Weenie Table - I think i've succumbed to 'Weenie Madness

Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh dear...... I've been struck by 'Weenie Madness......

After spending some 3hours browsing blogs yesterday morning, I levered myself out of my comfy chair and dragged out my box of Halloweenie Fabric.  Surely I could find some inspiration amongst all those colours.

I did.

I started with a panel at 2pm, and with a few snips and cuts and seams etc....  at 11:45pm I had a finished wallhanging.  Well nearly finished, I've got to stitch a label for the back, and possibly add a button or 5 to the front, as well as a method of hanging the finished product.  At the moment though, it helped me learn a trick or two for some table runners I want to make in the next few weeks....

What do you think?
Have I been struck by 'Weenie Madness????

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Conucopia of Giveaways and Inspirational Ideas!

Oh my,  I've been lost in Blog Land....  have you seen all these Halloween, October, Autumn freebies/giveaway blogs???
How's a girl to get ANY stitching done with this cornucopia of ideas andinspirations??????  My list of blogs to read is doubling - nay - tripling, day by day!!!!

Let's see if I've got this right:

Fall into Fall - over 150 bloggers with giveaways - read through each one carefully, not all are sending out of the USA
Look for the scarecrow
Hop into Halloween - We're almost to the end of the 10 day/10 designers - ooodles of free designs, ideas and inspirations  -  check them out...some are really, really great and can be adapted to the Great Southern Land..

now where did I see the next one...... ah yes...Mrs B's 31 days of Halloween...  bound to be oodles of interesting bits & pieces in this one...

I just KNOW there was another one I stumbled across last night in blogland.....If I find it again, i'll edit this post to add it in...
Edited:  Found it..... 31 days of Halloween ...

I really should be stitching you know.....    lol