Sunday, March 20, 2016

My Quilty Pleasures...

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Road Trip late January - Son, Partner and his dog in a small Toyota Yaris for 400km

Quilty pleasures indeed...  In no particular order - over the past few weeks, I have become intimately acquainted with my new Janome sewing machine, and am please to announce that I have fallen insanely in love.

My cross stitch pieces are waiting forlornly to return, and, given time and daylight and good eyesight, I will. In the meantime, my sewing maching, rotary cutter and rulers have become quite good friends.   I particularly love the instantaneous result.  Cross stitching built up over weeks and weeks of work, and I often fell asleep after a dozen or so stitches.  With patchwork, I can complete a small project in a matter of hours, or prepare the fabric one day, and stitch it the next.

Since November 2015, I've made Tote Bags:
Teapot Covers, Coasters & Mug mats

Table Runners
Cot and Lap Quilts

Window Sashed Disappearing 9-patch
Jelly roll race quilt in shades of purple
Tipsy Tumbling Minion Cot quilt

My next project is a pink quilt for a little girl who is about to head into a 'big girl's bed' for the first time.  She's a real fairy princess and I've had to raid my stash to find pinks and purples. The fairies will be fussy cut and the pattern will be another sashed disappearing 9-patch