Saturday, July 14, 2012

A return to normality - Stitching again.

I think my mojo may have returned.  Late this afternoon, this snowman was a mere head and shoulders.  I started him at the very end of 'The year of the Snowman', on Dec 31, 2010 and he has been languishing, waiting all through the Year of the Sheep.
Today, I really felt the urge to put needle through fabric and dragged this one out of the WIP pile.  Tomorrow, I might feel considerate enough to give him a nose.  I'm using a really coarse linen evenweave - no idea what it is or what the thread count is. (I'm not that much of a purist)
However, I am feeling better for stitching...
I have found my TUSAL Jar and will be adding a few fibres to that before posting a pic of the Jar in it's relocated space.

Oh joy and peace have returned.  My needles love me again!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Waving hello again - with a project in mind

Hello again friends,
I am slowly settling into my new life - however, have not picked up a needle and thread for almost a month.   I've put in only 2 hours of stitching and am getting itchy fingers - I can see Halloween quickly approaching and I know I need to get some projects started in order to make a spectacular display in what will be my sewing room.
I've looked and looked, but have yet to find my TUSAL jar - but then there has been nothing to add to it for 8 weeks
I've not even been able to contribute to WIPcalypse over the past 8 weeks.... sigh..

I've ordered and received La-D-Dah's 'Something Wicked this way Comes', but being me, can see it stitched on some vibrant green evenweave, with some midnight blue/purple floss, instead of black on coffee - what do you think?
I'll do my best to get back to regular updates - and better photos....
I think, once I've discovered half the stitching I've brought with me - I should be able to hold another giveaway!