Saturday, October 16, 2010

Funky Frankie, an addition to my table - Stash received and a quilt square made

Meet my newest addition to my Hallloween Table....   Frankie.

Isn't he just the cutest??  He waggles his hands and swivels his head to the song 'Monster Mash' - just push the button on his foot.

The boys are already sick of the song.  What is one of the best things is that he's a 'Gund' brand - not a cheapie.  He'll be out on display all year round.

On a completely different topic - I had the urge hit me late this morning, to stitch something with the georgeous fabric that I won from Denise in a giveaway..  Oh yes.. I hadn't shown you my haul.

Are I not the luckiest lady??  All this wonderful fabric to play with.
Late this morning, I decided I wanted to try a schoolhouse quilt block.  Of course, I couldn't find a pattern anywhere, I knew I had seen it in one of my magazines.  Out came the graph paper and this is the result.
Now that I've made this block, I don't know if I'll need to make a quilt out of these blocks.  I've satisfied the urge already.

Now back to stitching for what is left of the afternoon.  Have pity on me.  We are now the proud owners of a pair of bongo drums.    Hubby and eldest son are playing them over and over again.......  Oh well, it will be quiet here again tomorrow...


Pauline said...

I want a Frankie too- he's so cute! You hit paydirt with your win- did you roll around in it?!

You drew up the 'house' quilt pattern? Is there nothing you can not do?

If those bongos are driving you mad, come over top my place. We've only got 2 guitars and a small hand drum!

Denise said...

Love the quilt block - So,neat to see some of the fabrics from my quilts in yours! The light blue in the windows - from my SIL's wedding dress. And the sky fabric is in DD's burgandy quilt.

Glad you like your things - have fun! and get some ear plugs for those bongos!

Anonymous said...


"I'm not as quilter..."

um, YES YOU ARE!!, the house block looks great

here is another if you want.....

and frankie is CUUTE

Quiltaholic said...

oH MY GOODNESS WHATTA HAUL! With that kind of win, you need to buy a lottery ticket! Love your blog and love the new Frankie, too. I surely missed out on THAT giveaway lol! BIG CONGRATS!