Monday, August 31, 2015

2015 JCS Ornie Competition update....

Not having posted since May, I thought you'd like to see what is happening, as I'm running this with a handful of TOL stitchers - people I've known online for over 10 years.
In no particular order - my march ornie before adding beads - still waiting to be finished into an ornament proper

 My April Ornament - once again waiting to be finished into an ornament proper....
 Elaine's March/April ornament - finished
 Marguerite's April Ornament - finished neatly
Sue P's April Ornament - a lot of work in this one.

Rather than leaving this post pic heavy... will post some more later.

Our September Challenge is for any Halloween Ornament. (ready for posting for any Halloween Ornie exchange)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

May stitching choices - JCS Ornament challenge

Drum roll...   I've collated all the votes, and asked Harry to cast his vote to determine the 2 runner ups as it was a 4 way tie for second place....

The most popular selection :

1: Tempting Tangles Designs - Christmas Stockings 2014
8: Wee Works - Star Tree Ornament
10:  New York Dreamer - Merry Christmas

Of course at some point I started stitching number 9...  but I'm sure I can rustle up another one... or two in my spare time....

Happy May Stitching ladies....

Saturday, April 25, 2015

JCS Ornament Challenge - Choices for May...

Hi friends - well it's the 25th of the Month, and ANZAC day here in Australia.  A solemn morning - dawn service and an afternoon of stitching.
Here is the next selection for voting...
The little strawberry (2) is cute & it's a simple enough pattern.   I like number 9 another simple design, number 8 is cute, but I don't have perforated paper here.  The wee stocking (6) is sweet - and would be a lovely exchange for another stitcher.  I like number 10, but feel that it would be too big to hang, but made into a free standing shelf display. Number 4 is intricate, but is it Christmassy enough? (I'm sure I've seen it in another year's designs.  Number 1 is again big enough to be a standing ornament and I would want to re do the lettering somewhat.  Number 3 is ok if you are into stitching houses... (not me), number 7 is a bit too fiddly sampler for my taste.  Number 5 could be nice all done in beads, don't like the finishing on this example....

Well it's all up to you.... what 2 ornaments do you like.   I'll collate all the votes and post the top 3 choices on May 5.

Harold Bacon - Served at Gallipoli WW1 - and his Great-Grandson John Bacon - soldier in today's Australian Army

Sunday, April 19, 2015

TUSAL - April 2015

For the life of me, I don't know what happened to my TUSAL March pic or post...   but here is my little jar looking somewhat more respectable than last year.   Those with eagle eyes will spot that there is no red or crimson floss amongst it all..  I feel guilty really for not stitching or participating in the 5000 poppy project that has been all over facebook and blogs.  I had every intention of participating, but somehow just never did.    I will honour the ANZACs in my own way.

I have been stitching diligently on my 2015 JCS Ornament challenge.   Never reading the instructions and totally using whatever floss strikes my fancy at the time.. this one will end up as a four sided ornament... I've done the hardanger and beads sections now,  just need to finish it.

A.N.Z.A.C. Day looms.  
My Great Grand-father served in the Boer War with the Kings Own Highland Guards.  
My father, born in 1930, was too young to serve in WW11, instead, he has honoured his mother's wish and has played the Last Post at every ANZAC and Remembrance Day service since 1939  -  that's 75 consecutive years !!!
My brother too was too young to serve in the Vietnam War (and for that I am secretly grateful)
My son John now serves in the Australian Army - I am tremendously proud of him.

Unintentional pic of my TUSAL, surrounded my by growing collection of long-necked cats....

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

JCS 2015 Ornament Challenge - April selection

JCS 2015 Ornament Challenge....
(drum roll please....)

This was the closest voting challenge

In order to find 3 clear choices... I had to ask a few people who had no idea about stitching....

2:  Faith by Nikyscreations
6:  Hark by Shepherd's Bush Printworks
7:  Star of Wonder by Julia Lucas Designs

Happy Stitching.....

Friday, April 3, 2015

JCS Ornament Challenge - my progress so far.....

Here we are, 2 days away from announcing the April challenge, and I'm trying valiantly to finish the stitching section at least of my March ornament.

Of course, I decided to stitch the hardanger ornament - using Needle Necessities 127 from my stash, on a bit of yellow linen.   I'd completely forgotten that you are 'supposed' to use perle floss...
Oh well, I may or may not do the cut out bits.

Was slightly stressing, thinking that I may run out of this particular floss, but I have persevered and will use a matching burgundy or navy DMC to attach the beads and do the bit of hardanger weaving.    I like the challenge of the finishing of this ornament... something completely different from the norm...

Anyway... here is where I am on Good Friday, Easter weekend 2015.

Don't forget to vote for the april ornament challenge...   

Friday, March 27, 2015

JCS Ornament Challenge - April Choices

March is all but gone and it's time to select your top 2 choices from this page of the 2014 JCS Ornament issue to stitch during April.
Let me know your choices in the comments - even if you don't care to stitch - dip your oar in the water and help to determine for the ladies of the TOL group I belong to - the more votes the merrier...

In the meantime, look at the lovely ornaments completed last month by my creative stichy sisters....   I've got to get a wriggle on... still stitching my March choice...
Marguerite's Feb Ornament

Marguerite's March Ornament

Sue P's March Ornament

Sue D's March Ornament

Don't forget, we're waiting on your vote....

Saturday, March 7, 2015

JCS 2015 Ornie Challenge : March results

Hi all,

Although no votes received through this blog, my other forum did vote....
Drum roll please....

Da-Da-Daaaaaaaaah ! ! ! ! ! !

Surprise Surprise... the popular choices are:::

1: (2) Nordic Needle - 3-D Hardanger Ornament
2: (5) Patricia Ann Designs - Christmas Boquet
3: (8) Acorn House Designs - Crystal Snowflake...

A bit of discussion was held regarding the popular choice being 4-sided and most said they would only stitch one side.

It's all about having an ornament at the end of the month... Modify away to your heart's content!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Moving into March - TUSAL, Ornie Challenge, WIP & a Finish!

Before I knew it, I rolled over this morning, and it was March !!!!

Goodness !   I had forgotten to start with the next installment of the 2015 JCS Ornie Challenge, TUSAL for Feb and to share with you, the little finish.  I decided, as I had my camera out, to also share with you just where I am with SOHRH....

Ok.. for those who are still participating or indeed just watching to see what happens, the next ornament choice is from the following:
 Select 2 of the ornies from this selection, and let me know in your comments.

I'll let you know the top 3 choices in a few days and you can all get started on your stitching.

 TUSAL 2015

Ever since I started using this jar for my orts, I've found it difficult to take a reasonable picture without the glare on the glass...  Here is my February offering, surrounded by my retro long neck cat collection. 
 What have I been stitching on, to double my ort collection in a month?

This is a long overdue WIP, started a couple of years ago (I'm not going to delve too deep into my list to find out how long ago.  From memory, this chart was a freebie, and came with instructions to change the word COFFEE into TEA.

Well I don't drink Coffee, but this is now intended as a gift to a coffee drinker - to be finished into a pillow or wall hanging... not sure yet.  Monochromatic stitching on aida is great to have as a backup stitching buddy living in your car.

This I've been stitching on and off since at least early 2012.

This third square has been giving me grief, as the more observant of you will see by this closeup. I'd stitched the windows, the tree branches, flowers, the door, the roof and have unpicked it all because I was one or two rows out and one column off.   I actually put this aside to finish the 'Here Lies' WIP, because this was rapidly approaching a UFO.  I'm aware this block is far from finished and there is still a lot of stitching.  As I'm not stitching at the rate I used to, that is daunting, but I'm determined to get this whole chart done.  I'm looking forward to the next square, which I will not start until I've done square 3 !

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A flurry of Finishes for February

It's amazing how much stitching you can accomplish while watching stupid brain-dead tv until 3am...

Finished my February Ornie Challenge last night - it was a really quick and easy stitch and today, I had a flurry of finishing...  Finished my January Ornament (I'm counting it as finished as I have NO idea where my pinking shears are!), finished another snowman ornament from JCS 2014 Ornament issue - had finished this stitch in December, but not the completed ornament.  And borrowing an idea from Pauline, made up a quick ornie to hold my TUSAL orts from 2014.