Thursday, June 30, 2011

Procrastinator Special Edition

My extremely patient blogaversary winners will be happy to know that I've finally got myself organised to send your envelopes out....  Keep an eye on your letterboxes!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Latest Sheepie finish - 11-6-11

Here's the latest addition to my monthly sheepie project.
My eldest son has started with Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society's (MBAS) 2011 Youth Project - called Youth in Blues.  Over the next few months, he, and other young blues artists will be mentored by established blues artists culminating in a competition, where the winner will be selected to perform at a large, local blues festival.
Of course, that leads (and explains) into this month's theme for my ongoing Monthly Sheepie Stitch.


Friday, June 3, 2011

JUNE - and it's T.U.S.A.L. time !!!!

Quick post for me - I've not completely disappeared, but my home computer is out of action (posting from work)  Can't miss posting my TUSAL for June - so here it is: 

Surrounded by sheepies - including my newest addittion - the book of sheep.  Gave me a couple of ideas for charts too.....

Yes - that pink bit in the corner IS a pig!!

For those waiting on the bronny's farm SAL - still tweaking and should be able to send it out next weekend - all depending if my home computer is talking to me or not.....

Happy Stitching
(and yes - my newest WIP features another Sheep !!!)