Thursday, October 7, 2010

Proof!! More 'Weenie Madness

I thought I'd also share pics of this year's Halloween Table.  Although there are only 4 stitched ornaments on it again this year, If I get myself organised, there should be a few more by the time Halloween rocks around.
The clock is stuck at 3minutes to midnight - the second hand moves around, but the minutes do not move.  The big witch at the back is battery operated and she cackles and her eyes glow red.  My two pillows from last year are prominent and if you look closely, there are spiders, bats and more witches in the 'tree'  I love the little cardboard bat in the middle with a silly grin. - Oh you can't quite see it, but the table cloth with the ghouls on it was a quilters panel received last month - it's intention is to be a child's costume, but I merely hemmed it as a tree skirt.

Yep, with my 'Weenie Wallhaning, and my 'Weenie Table - I think i've succumbed to 'Weenie Madness


Deborah said...

love all the spookyness!

Stitching said...

Looks great! Have a SpOoKy HaLlOwEeN!

Pauline said...

Hey Bronny, thanks for the pics, you've just inspired me! I don't have any stitched 'weenies yet but I do have other stuff. Your display has got me thinking I can make a display with all my other weenie decorations anyway!

BTW, have I missed an email about the ornie exchange? My Kasperksy (internet security) eats things it doesn't like. It thinks searching at '' is a website that likely has erotica or porn on it! Could you resend again?