Sunday, October 3, 2010

Conucopia of Giveaways and Inspirational Ideas!

Oh my,  I've been lost in Blog Land....  have you seen all these Halloween, October, Autumn freebies/giveaway blogs???
How's a girl to get ANY stitching done with this cornucopia of ideas andinspirations??????  My list of blogs to read is doubling - nay - tripling, day by day!!!!

Let's see if I've got this right:

Fall into Fall - over 150 bloggers with giveaways - read through each one carefully, not all are sending out of the USA
Look for the scarecrow
Hop into Halloween - We're almost to the end of the 10 day/10 designers - ooodles of free designs, ideas and inspirations  -  check them out...some are really, really great and can be adapted to the Great Southern Land..

now where did I see the next one...... ah yes...Mrs B's 31 days of Halloween...  bound to be oodles of interesting bits & pieces in this one...

I just KNOW there was another one I stumbled across last night in blogland.....If I find it again, i'll edit this post to add it in...
Edited:  Found it..... 31 days of Halloween ...

I really should be stitching you know.....    lol

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