Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dancing Penguins taking shape.....

Hello, to my very patient readers.
From a couple of years ago, where I obsessively stitched and blogged, my life has had a vast turnaround in the past 3 months.  My stitching has slowed down, and I've not been taking as many photos, or indeed felt that I've had something to blog about.
I'm now mentally gearing up to Halloween.  I have the JCS Halloween special, and a couple of charts that need stitching - all I need now is the fabric and the time to stitch.
In the meantime, I've picked up an old WIP from the end of 2010 - Winter Row.
The dancing penguins are cute - and there will be several beads to attach.  If I paid attention to what I'm doing, there is no reason why this should not become a finished item within the next couple of weeks....

I'm waiting on some special fabric from Picture This Plus, to start 'Something Wicked' - my very good friend Nancy, sent me the bestest ever floss - a deep dark blue to purple.  I can't wait to start stitching that once the fabric arrives....

I will endeavour to post on a more regular basis....  now that the days are getting longer, I'll possibly be stitching more..   who knows what the coming weeks will hold?

Happy Stitching