Monday, March 31, 2014

Tusal - March 31

T.U.S.A.L.  -  March 31 2014
What's this I spy... hidden amongst the reflection of a Melbourne Autumn blue sky, are some blue fibres???   What??  Could I possibly be stitching on more than one project at a time???  And do I also spy some olive green floss on the left?  All snuggled with the crimson and cream floss of my Christmas sampler...
Let's see... can I show my current progress??
(running - taking a hurried photo with scattered WIPS on the couch, in non-flattering light.....
Don't go looking too hard... clockwise from top left - A little blue heart sampler on aida- The Sweetheart Tree - Snowflakes in Abundance.  On aida again - Plum Street Samplers - Coffin Buzz. On Linen, Sam Sarah Design Studio, Kurt's Garden (part 049),  my progress on the Christmas Advent Sampler (ran out of floss - came to a temporary halt).   A single line of a band sampler that I'll design as I go.
Sheep have not completely abandoned me . . . . I'm sure they will raise their fleecy heads as I drag out more WIP's from the cupboard.....

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Quick Sunday afternoon stitch

Sam Sarah Design Studio
Kurt's Garden!  P049

Rabbiting around in my stash, trying to ignore the temptation to start another Mirabella mermaid, thought I'd get something started that i could finish on the same day (& I'm not counting "finish-finish")
Took me only twice as long to stitch a it did to decide what fabric to stitch it on.....

Monday, March 3, 2014

TUSAL - March 1

It really looks as if I've not stitched much at all, but there are a couple of weeks of missing orts there - and yes, I've not stitched anywhere as much as I have in past years... My WIP is progressing....I'll post a pic shortly...
Here is my latest TUSAL for 1st March 2014...   I've pretty much been only stitching the Advent Sampler...
Don't you like my kitty cats..??  (and yes - the sheepies have not left me totally yet)