Sunday, January 25, 2015

T.U.S.A.L. Jan 20 2015

shhhh...let me sneak this one in....  I was on holiday and completely forgot to post my TUSAL 5 days ago...
Here is daggy baggy pants sheepie holding his pants open to hold my January orts...  I'm not sure what to do with the remnants of the 2014 TUSAL just yet.. so sheepie will have to hang onto this selection for a little while longer.

2015 JCS Ornament Challenge - Update

Hi Friends

How are you all running with your own ornaments?  How many of you have started stitching?
I'll try to keep up with your blogs to peep and see if you've started and qualify for the points that I'm compiling for a end of year winner.
Here's as far as I have made it so far.. a Headless Santa!!  Hard to see the white beard on the white aida, but it is there!! The frog and I know it.  Stitched on a scrap from my scrap basket and not even centered properly... I'm sure it will be fine by the end...
Using DMC white, but the red and green are from my collection of the lovely Nancy's threads found at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe  - Cranberry and some dark green that has lost it's label (blush)

It is highly unlikely that I will use any floss that is called for during this challenge - with the exception of white and black.... but you never know what will take my fancy.

I have seen ONE fully completed ornament - so Marguerite scores the first 50 points. 
I've added a page to my blog, where the points system is explained (hopefully it's clear to you all) I'll update monthly progresses too.  There is a Mr Linky whatsit to join up.  Anybody can join in on any month to stitch-a-long.

Now it's up to the next month challenge:   Check these out and select your top 3 ornaments and let me know in the comments.
Voting is open until Feb 5, where I'll tally the votes and announce the 3 ornaments from which you select your February stitch.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Bronny's Bits - JCS Ornament Challenge 2015 - January....

DRUM ROLL . . . . . . . ....

I ran this challenge also with a stitching group I've been involved with for a number of years (Threads of Life - aka TOL). . . . . ..  but . . . .   The favourite top 3 from TOL and the favourite top 3 from this blog differ slightly.
Top design choice is unanimous
Combining TOL and Blog choices gives me the second spot.
The third spot was a rock, paper scissors win between my son, Harry and partner Laz.

Top 3 Ornaments to stitch in January:
1 :   (7) - The Prairie Schooler- HO HO HO Santa
2 :   (8) - Needle Bling Designs - Don't Peek
3 :   (9) - HeartStrings/The Artists Collection -The Star Gatherer

Now the rules are:   You now choose between these 3 top designs.  You stitch this design and show a finish BEFORE February 5 (If possible) - more brownie points to you if you show a completed ornament by Feb 5.
Let's decide a points system now....  the idea is that by December, we will have a handful of finished ornaments for our own tree or for an exchange.
 You earn the following points for showing on your own blog;
10 points for STARTING the ornament
10 points for FINISHING the stitching
5 points bonus for finishing the stitching before the end of January
15 points for finishing your stitching into an ornament
5 points for a completed ornament before the end of February
10 points speed bonus for a completed ornament before the end of January

This means the highest point score could be:
50  (10 + 10 + 5 +15 + 10)
The basic score for each ornament completed is 35.
The winner at the end of the year is the person with the highest score.  (I'll keep a tally on an excel sheet here)  In the event of a tie - winner will be decided by random generator thingy.
As to a prize at the end of the year:  Yet to be decided, but I'm thinking at this stage, a copy of the 2014 JCS ornie issue seems to be an obvious choice.  I'm sure I'll find other things to add to the prize-box.
I will show the choices at the end of January for the February Challenge.

Happy Stitching!

Friday, January 2, 2015

JCS Ornament Competition - 2015

Hello friends - would you like to help me achieve a year's worth of ornaments? Would you be interested to stitch along?
You DO need to have a copy of the 2014 JCS Christmas Ornament issue.
Between now and say 5th January, one ornament from a selected display is chosen by popular vote. You then have until 5th February to stitch and complete that ornament and show it off....
By the 5th of February- the next ornament from the ornie issue has been chosen.
This is an idea that I think in 2005 gave me oodles of ornaments ready and plenty more for my tree.
Have I confused you?
I Like most of these- which should I stitch in January?
As each ornie already has a number issued it makes it easy.
Leave your choice of top 3 in the comments and I'll announce the winner on Monday 5th after work.
If this takes off - I might even work out a competition prize for December 2015.