Sunday, October 21, 2012

Something Wicked . . . . . .

Finally, a finish . . . .....
Patient followers will be aware that life has been somewhat disrupted these past 5 months . ... yes it has been that long.
I no longer obsessively stitch to avoid the stresses in my life, rather I stitch when I want to..... so there is no danger of churning out embarrasing amount of sheep or any such other topic as I did last year.
La-D-Da designs have always held that certain sort of fascination for me - especially the Halloween Designs.  

I fancied this one on my current favourite colour - fabric by Picture This Plus - swamp.....  The finished size is smaller than I envisaged, so I have enough left for another project another time. 

My very good friend Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe supplied the very special blue/purple overdyed floss, and I used more of her floss for the lettering and the socks. The spiders however, are good old DMC and kreinick sparkly .

It's too close to Halloween to have this framed in time, but I'll find a way to display it this year.

Watch this space . . . . .

Today's plans include updating all my blogs and then decorating my new office/sewing room space for Halloween

I've missed so many TUSAL and WIP-ocalyspe this year....  sigh... will try to catch up next post.
(I'll also have to find whereabouts I put the dancing penguins . . . .....and finish them off!)