Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm going to win a GO Cutter...... well maybe

Like yourself, I've been reading oodles of blogs and here and there I see competitions for the Accuquilt GO cutter.  But I'm not a quilter I say, and I don't have a NEED for something like this I say.  Ok.. So I'm not a quilter, but I AM a Textile artist and wouldn't one of these gizmo's be great fun??  I'm not so worried about cutting squares and half square triangles, but working out other angles and getting them accurate is a bother.
What sort of dies would you want?  Circles - yeah..then you could turn them into suffolk puffs, or scraps for english hexagons, or spots... hmmm yes, perhaps circles.  Hexagons? Could we do away with all those bits of paper (I have a memory of cutting up old envelopes into hexagons for my grandmother)  What about Triangles?  I dare not even open the catalogue page for applique templates...  I'm not a quilter after all, and what need to I have for applique shapes???
I am getting ahead of myself....first I have to win a GO, then I can wax lyrical.  Do you want to enter too??  Then I suppose I should share..  Micki from Irish Muses was a recent winner, and she is now hosting her own GO competition.  Check her blog out - she's called her GO, Colleen, would that mean I'd have to call mine Sheila??
Getting ahead of myself again...counting my chickens before they've hatched...  Good Luck!
(If I am not a quilter, then why am I getting all excited about this machine???)

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Patty C. said...

Thank you for the link - By the way I have several great giveaway's from various blogs listed in my sidebar - You should take a look ;)

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