Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday morning sunrise

I woke a few minutes before the alarm today, and rather than try to capture a few more ounces of snooze, got up and set off for my daily perambulation with the dog.

As I stepped from the front door, it was just light. I acknowledged Lady Moon with a nod. She was demurely covered by a few wisps of cloud, still looking stunning 4 days past her prime.

I turned to the east, towards the creek and noticed the horizon has just a few faint tinges of mauve - the early sunrise catching the thin bank of cloud, changing the colour from it's pre-dawn blue-grey. Second, by second, the glow stretched and changed hue. As if watching a parade of young princes from Siam, each moment surpassing the previous.

I wanted to keep an eye out for wildlife, but my eyes were constantly drawn over my right shoulder as I walked along the creek. The pink glow gave way to a rosier glow, putting on a display for me, and me only. It was almost as if this sunrise wanted to be the best it could - after all, it only has one chance. The glow turned to an orange glow, fiery bright in it's embrace of the sky, deftly enhancing all the patterns in the wispy clouds. "I am the Prince" it shouted from the sky - "See how more colourful and pleasant to the eye I am?"

In an inkling, as if the Prince had heard his father's footsteps around the corner, the bright orange glow, gave way to a bashful, paler, version of itself. The orange lost all it's intensity as the King came closer, stretching his influence with pale golden courtiers.

By this time, I was facing west again, and Lady Moon had covered herself more, but was surrounded by pale pink wisps of cloud, the western sky tinged itself pink as the eastern sky gave way to a pale regal glow, clouds skittering away to announce the rise of this morning's Sun.

The King has arrived! The day may now start.

pakenham 6:45am
Tuesday            26 October 2010


nutmegg said...

That description was beautiful I could see it in my minds eye..............thank you.

Patty C. said...

After ready that - I am quite certain I was there ;)Lovely description !!

Kathy said...

Your words are just as beautiful as the sunrise.

coral said...

Lovely bronny