Sunday, January 30, 2011

It was the best party ever!

And do you think I stopped long enough to capture photos?  I know they exist out there, I saw the flashbulbs.  My son John is an excellent blues guitarist, and for the past 2 years has played most Sunday Jam sessions about an hour's drive away.  The musicians he plays with, have the utmost respect for him and showed that, by turning up in force last night and playing some great music all evening.  There were no incidents and I'm certain, that the neighbours will not object to us having a party ever again!
John at the Bar on his 18th Birthday
Happy Birthday John.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Popping Baaa-ck to show you a sheepie WIP

This chart is one recently received as a RAK - Black Sheep have more fun (a Sisters and Best Friends chart).  I've stitched it using Wisper fibres - having so much fun too.  I was advised to blend one strand DMC with one strand Wisper and it works fine.  I had white and ecru Wisper and decided to mix it up a bit.
Bottom Row middle sheep is White DMC with White Wisper.  The sheep to the left is Ecru DMC with White Wisper and the sheep on the right is Ecru DMC with Ecru Wisper.
The top row has a White DMC with Ecru Wisper to the left of the Black Sheep (Dark Chocolate Wisper) standing next to another White DMC and White Wisper sheep.
Because I've used such a strong pink aida (oh my, the Wisper and I had 'words' with evenweave!), I've changed the colour used for the wording.
I hope to be able to show you all the finish in a couple of days.  Tonight is my son's 18th birthday party and there is so much to be done today.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bleating about another Sheepie Finish!!!

Hot off the needle - just finished the BAA-ckstitching.
click on picture to see the whole picture

This is a freebie found on the web in 2006 - the french title translates as "Count the Sheep" - by Virgine Gousse Mars

I added an extra clump of flowers and the date and my name in the middle, because that area in the original looked a bit empty.

This weekend, I might work on a few ideas for a sheep chart series - stay tuned - I've an idea for a Feb-EWE-ary Cy-BAA Stitch-A-Long

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

EWE-haul - and another quickie sheepie finish !


I knew I had to have something finished today - just so I could stitch that date on it.  None of my snowmen WIP's were anywhere near close, so this morning on the 123message board, somebody pointed towards a new (to me) french blog with a lovely sheep chart.  (use a translater if you need to - this sheep one was free chart number 45 I think) This I printed and started stitching at work, finishing it up after dinner tonight!  I really love those quick stitches......

There's also something else about this date.
I am truly blessed to have met some wonderful people on this blog.  Working in the mailroom this morning, I discovered, 1, 2, then 3 envelopes - squishy mail for me!!!!
2 of the envelopes were from Nancy - Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe - (go visit - she's a really clever lady).  On Christmas night, while sitting around what was left of the Christmas feast, chatting with Dad and Hubby Martin, I discovered that I had won a blog prize!  My mum's name was Nancy too - and Dad was tickled pink that another Nancy 'joined us at the table' as it were.  I had won 50 skeins of Nancy's hand dyed floss.  So many glorious shades - I'm eyeing off a few samplers already planning what to use them on.  As a matter of fact, it is one of the purple skeins that I sittched the sheep today in.

The 3rd envelope was a surprise RAK from Bette.  She participated in a recent ornament exchange of mine, and thought to send me some 'Whisper' thread - three shades - cream, ecru and sooty brown - and something I've not seen before - 'Fluffy Fleece', distributed by Rainbow Gallery.  Bette also sent me some sheepie charts - aren't they charming? - LK - Gift of Love, Sisters & Best Friends - Black Sheep Again!, and Poppy Creations - Sheep Stuff.  The cutest ever tape measure fell out of the envelope - a fluffy sheep!!!  You pull his tail for the tape measure, then squeeze his sides to retract the tape!  Thomas the tape measure did the rounds of the Accounts Payable department - everybody loves him.  He's certainly going to be a constant companion this year (and for many years to come) - my nearly 18yo thinks it's a sheep who ate dental floss

I am so very lucky to have wonderful blogging buddies - I will get myself organised really soon for a new giveway - Unfortunately, if I'm not stitching, I'm thinking about the organising needed for said teenage son's 18th birthday which is looming ever closer. So I ask all my friends to please be patient with me, I want to find something special to share with you

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I've got a new FLEECE on Life !!!!!

Baa-ad Pun !

Don't say I didn't warn ewe all.
Here's my 2nd Sheep finish for the year - a small freebie from Elizabeth's Designs  - may be OOP now - was available in 2007 as a companion piece to her design "Old Stone Church"  -  I have no idea how this chart was in my stash.  I removed the words 'Peace' from the bottom of the chart - did not feel the need to add them.  It was a quick stitch - only took a couple of hours - instant gratification!
I like the sheep though - they're cute!
The next pic is a pic of my current Sheep WIP - three of the 5 sheep done - more than half way through.  I need to finish the fence that they're jumping over, so it doesn't appear as a black blob!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TUSAL - Jan 4th : and a sheepy WIP

Here is my first TUSAL of the year!!  4 days in does not seem much, (and especially as the glass appears in this photo to have half frosted over)  There are some ecru threads in the bottom, but the  most you can see are the pink and green orts leftover from my current Sheepy WIP.  You will see a lot of my sheepies this year I think - and please be prepared for as many sheep puns as I can find - for example:   Twelve male sheep with beepers created a ram-page.

This is my current WIP - it was a freebie in 2006 - I have no information except the year and copyright Virginia Gousse Mars.  There are a further 3 sheep to go and a fence in the middle that they are all jumping over.  It's a bit fuzzy to the eye, but I do love the flowers being clenched between their teeth!

Thanks for looking  - still to be announced soon:
Belated blogaversary giveaway
and a date for a Cy-baa SAL
(as early as Feb-ewe-ary and perhaps as well as Octo-baa) 

Monday, January 3, 2011

TUSAL 2011 - quick - be very quick !!!!

Those of you may have looked at my TUSAL page.  However, Daffycat has done something more constructive and is running TUSAL for 2011 - if you are really - and I mean really quick - you can register for the 2011 TUSAL with a chance for a small prize at the end of the year.
I missed the original post on 6th December, and the first NEW MOON is tomorrow - December 4!!!  

Quick - get your skates on and register for TUSAL 2011 with Daffycat.  If you can't find a fancy container right now, dont fret - use anything handy (wash out that pickle jar first!!) until you find your perfect TUSAL container.  Start gathering your orts - your floor will love you!
I'll be posting my TUSAL jar tomorrow - have some serious stitching to do today - more sheep to show off tomorrow!
(and yes - I did change my profile pic to sheep for 2011!!!)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year - 2011 - The Year of the Sheep - first finish!

First start and finish for the year.  My friend Karen and I participated in a Cy-baa Stitch-a-Long today and both stitched 'New Year - New Ewe'
I don't want to get the sewing machine out just right now, so it's currently in the unfinished-finished state.  I'm not certain just how this will end up - likely as a small tuck pillow or a flat fold - might have to go looking for the right material.
Bit of a cute and fun start to the year!