Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ice in August - brief storm

Evening all.
We've had a severe storm warning all day - very windy and quite a heavy rain forecast. Tonight at 5:45 the storm hit our street. Gale force winds, lightning, thunder, hail and heavy rain lasting about 10-15 minutes in all. There is still a forecast for more overnight. I took a couple of snaps from the front door to show the hail against the pilar and the side of my car. (sorry, the one against the pilar didn't work.... :o)
Ok - to those people who live where it snows - it may not be that spectacular - but it was a bit of excitement in my day.

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Cindy F. said...

Wow! We wouldn't mind having a little ice in Texas right now! We've been over 100 degrees for 56 straight days AND in a 2 year drout!