Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday morning thoughts

Here I was, finally thinking to leap into the waters of daily blogging, incorporating meandering thoughtwaves that would leave deep and meaningful ideas in the minds of the readers......
and the best I could come up with all week was the Yellow Cars!!
Seriously, the days have just flown by - by night-time, I've tended to veg-out and stare mindlessly at the tv screen or even worse - face to face with the PS2 and Lego characters exploding everytime I walk them off the edge.
I don't even have photos to alleviate this post - my camera cord is 'somewhere'.
My original plan today was to talk about my little car. I have a 2002 Dihatsu Curore and I love it. It's such a little car, and a lot of fun is made about the size (or lack of it). The yahoos next door have tried to move it by getting a burly male at each corner and lifting. It probably would have been successful had they not been so drunk at the time (possibly just as well). It seats 2 of us comfortably, and until John had a growth spurt, was also capable of taking the 2 boys in the back seats. When the 4 of us are in the car, it is hard to keep a circus theme from drifting through your head when we disembark - there are only 2 doors and my lanky teen having to try to untangle himself and pull himself out. The storage area is small, but can fit 6-8 green shopping bags carefully placed. However, I have been known to transport 4 kitchen chairs at a pinch (no other passengers)
It is great on economy - only having a 30litre tank - I travel nearly 600km on a tankful - a big joke to the motorbike riders in the street - the engine is less than 1 litre capacity - but it gets me where I need to go - safely.
The worst bit is at night. The other night on the way home, I had a whopping huge Landbruiser behind me - and his headlights were aimed directly forward. The problem was, his quartz-hallogens lined up either side of my little car - one into each outside mirror. I was blinded each time I had to stop in the traffic and he pulled up behind me. I couldn't see to change out of the lane for some distance and I was so tempted to get out of my car and tell him to re-angle his lights, if they had been angled down a smidge, he wouldn't blind smaller cars. (the pic is not my car - mine is a darker blue, but you get the idea)

well I seem to have waffled on enough for this morning. I'll search for my camera cord today and see if I can find some photos to cheer everybody up!

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