Saturday, June 6, 2009

Long weekend rolls around - and another Competition!

It's Saturday morning - in half an hour I need to wake up John so that he'll be on time for work. (the things mothers do for their kids) It's the first day of a 3-day weekend - and hopefully I'll get all the domestic stuff out of the way by early afternoon - I know I'll get distracted, otherwise it could all be done by lunchtime! Once all the boring stuff is done - then I can plant myself in a chair and stitch away to my heart's content. I like to think that I could finish Papillion 2008 SAL this weekend - that's the goal in any case. I'd be stitching now, but it's not quite light enough to trust my eyes and the evenweave!
Oh - I forgot to take a photo...I did finish the fourth 'Follow My Heart' Sampler - just no photo as yet - Stay tuned - I'll try to get a few photos this weekend.
Did I mention Competition? Once again, not mine - but Kathy is offering a mystery selection. That's so much fun...
I do enjoy reading other blogs - don't you just love stumbling across new ones? I'm tempted to join in on the latest SAL - the Mary Wigham sampler, but I can't see me really-truly stitching it. It's just not my style of stitching - perhaps I'm just keen on the idea of jumping on the bandwagon? Look how long it's taken me to get to nearly finishing the Papillion !! (not to mention my OWN sampler I designed in 2007 for another online group - my
own design and I've not finished it... (perhaps I should pick that up again after the Papillion?)
Enough rambling now... If I scoot along, I should get some stitches in before John needs to go to work! Happy stitching friends!

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Siobhan said...

It sounds like you have a great weekend planned, full of stitching!

I am feeling the same 'should I, shouldn't I?' way about the Mary Wigham sampler. I love it but don't know if I'll finish it, but then everybody is so excited about it and so I want to stitch it. Ack. Ah well, at least we're spoiled for choices, right?

Have a great weekend!