Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday morning - the house is quiet - I'll ponder my stitching

I stitched up a storm yesterday - Major Happy Dance - Papillion 2008 SAL is finished !!! I was so frustrated at not being able to show a picture, I forgot that my camera fits on hubby's camera cord which is permanently plugged in. Now that I'm aware of that little detail, I'll take a photo once the sun has come up to show it off.
I spent the rest of the evening, watching 'The Green Mile' and trying to sort out what size fabric I need for 'Inspirations' and whether I had a piece suitable in my stash. No...
Ok.. Move onto option 2: Where is the magazine that has the 2 charts I'd like to stitch? Aha! Found it - JCS 2008 ornament preview edition.
The first chart is a gothic/primitive don't know how to describe it (turns out to be huge), memorial sampler which is calling me to stitch for Mum. Do I have the fabric to fit that? Of course I'm looking at evenweave/linen - 32count and higher that I'm not even going to contemplate stitching at night. I'll have to confirm fabric size in the morning. Fabric calculators don't work in my brain - The answer never is "the fabric in your hand will do the trick" or "no-forget it - too small"; but rather rely on inches/centimetres which of course I'm not going to guesstimate..
I'd rather run a running stitch line and count the threads in the fabric and calculate if the pattern will fit that way...
Once the sun is up today, I'll use this method to see if one piece I have in hand will fit 'Inspirations' - I'm not relying on the fabric calculators to tell me - too big a project to be off by an inch.
Onto project number 3: In the same magazine is a smaller project of poppies in a field. My brother's partner mentioned that she likes poppies and liked the design (she shares a joy of needlework) - so I'll stitch it for her. Found the fabric and the floss - it was just too hard to see to stitch - so I'll pick it up again this morning.


Tammy said...

I like all the projects you mentioned and have that issue too. That large sampler is so nice-I'd love to see you stitch that one!

Cindy F. said...

Congratulations on your finish!! Can't wait to see it:)
and wow! your upcoming projects all sound so exciting!!