Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Competition Time again - especially for lovers of cat charts....

Just because I feel like another giveaway....

The usual process applies;
comment on this post
tell your friends -
tell me the name of your cat if you like...
list which chart you would like.
I'll make a draw for each one.
If I don't already follow your blog - leave me a link to it - I love reading updates to blogs too!

The charts are (clockwise from top left);
  • Teatime Kitties - Kitty & Me Country Crafts
  • Kittens at Play in Counted Cross Stitch - Coates Semco
  • Feline Friends - susan Bates
  • Brian Jackins Cool Cats - Dimensions chart
  • Been Helpin - Suzanna Denton/Colour Charts

You have a week - I'll make a note to draw this competion during my lunchtime next Wednesday (24th)

You can nominate all the charts if you wish and I'll put your name in the draw for each one - good luck !


Donna's Stitching said...

Thank you for the giveaway please enter me for all 5 I love kitties. My furbaby is a cat and I love him lots thanks Donna

Wendy said...

That is some nice giveaway!! I love them all.

Dawn said...

OH kitties!! Please enter me in your drawing.:)

About Me.... said...

I ADORADE cat charts!!!! Please enter my name and thank you for the giveaway!!!

Stitched Up said...

Who can resist cats lol. Please enter me for Cool Cats.I have a 2 year old kitty called Mister Kibby.He is so funny and everyone loves him.Hes addicted to cheese.
Hugs Chris(aka Daisiedare on 123)

doreen said...

I love cats and have 5 of them!Samantha, Rosie, Abbey, Tasha and PJ keep hubby and I busy! I already have 3 of the charts in my "to do" pile, but would love to have Teatime Kitties and Kitties at Play. Thanks for the contest and for entering me in it!
Doreen at 1-2-3