Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Firstly a big thank you to those who persevered and managed to leave a comment on the blog. I also collected details from the ladies at 123 who for whatever reason were unable to leave a blog message - as it was only fair to include them as well.
Most of you were happy with any chart - and I used the randomizer to pick out 5 names. If your name came out and you'd only picked one chart - well that's the chart you won....

If I've got your contact details - I'll try to send you an email this evening when I get home from work - I'll need your snail mail details to send these charts out!

Teatime Kitties = Tahoelady5
Kittens at Play = Heather1967 at 123
Feline Friends = Pat at 123
Cool Cats - Chris
Been Helping = Lisa at 123


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