Friday, May 1, 2009

How to fill in a lunchtime.......

Tomorrow, Saturday I'll be off for a girly day - joining up with some Aussie stitchers at our first GTG. There have been drama's aplenty, but it has all come together this weekend.

My girlfriend enabled me some more last night - I called around to Karen's to show off my chookie quilt - as it all her fault that it got started in the first place......and left with another box of goodies...

More yummy fabric - aida and evenweave. Some more scrumptious silks and cottons and a large pile of charts and magazines - quite a few early Jill Oxtons. I need to work out just what there is that I cannot live without - I'll post pictures on Sunday.

Oh yes... the lovely lady on this post is my Mum - I don't know where the photo came from, but it lives on my computer at work. I lost her suddenly, 18months ago and miss her dearly. She is still with me daily.

I've decided that I WILL be offering up some of the extra charts in giveaways - My wedding anniversary is coming up soon - that's as good an excuse as any - I'm also waiting for a magic number of followers - that's not too far away now either.... We'll see what happens on Sunday when I get back from the GTG.

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Tammy said...

Aw, I'm SO sorry you lost your beautiful mom. What a lovely lovely woman she was!