Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Rosebowl addition to TUSAL

In regard to my rosebowl - I'm happy for others to share the idea - and if I can keep hubby from reclaiming his 'fishbowl' (not as if he's likely to buy me any flowers anyway!) - should have more bobbins to throw into it on the weekend.
Somebody also asked about the mini sewing machine - well surprise, surprise, it is only a little trinket box, something that hubby thought I'd like - and "don't be grumpy - I bought you something in a patchwork shop, didn't I?" It's a poly-resin box and I've no idea what to hide in it - too small for much, although I do tend to hang my earrings from it....(if you look closely at the top right of the machine, you'll see my favourite pair dangling - I'd wondered where I'd left them!)
more pic's soon.........enjoying reading your comments and your blogs....


Marie said...

Do you know I hadn't even noticed the trinket box - it's a real cutie. I think he really does deserve some brownie points for it lol

LoriRay said...

I love your little mini sewing machine, even if it is a trinket box that's too small for much. LOL!