Monday, April 27, 2009

What do we love? Contests and Giveaways.

Come see what Daffycat has done!!! She has been so clever to dye fabric and I think the offered results are all so pretty! I see Daffycat's icon on so many blogs - when does she have time to stitch or even dye???

Ok so I got you here with a tempting title. I am working up to offering a giveaway/pif/contest and will do so shortly. I am just waiting for a magic post number, a special date in my life, number of followers or something similar. I am still so new to this blogging world, but am enjoying it immensely.
How do we find the time to stitch?

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Yoyo said...

Guess what my first contest was....PIF to welcome me to the blogging world, there ya go, a very special reason to have a contest/giveway or pif. Or you have 23 Followers today, maybe your 25th follower could be your special event. Or the first time you see a spring flower. See....we do love contests, etc., so we'll make up the excuses for you, you just gotta provide the goodies (ROTFLOL).