Saturday, May 9, 2009

Early Saturday Morning mumblings.........

It's not so really early in the morning, but the house is quiet - except perhaps for the budgies who I think want feeding and clean water (get there in a minute - ok?) Here I sit at Hubby's computer taking the time to read through my blog list...making a comment here and there. I found another competition - Blacksheep is celebrating a 2nd blogoversary - don't know if I'm in time, but what the heck! - what's an international date line between friends? Happy Blogoversary. How can I expect to offer my own competitions if I don't sample how they are run? hmmm??
The sheer volume of work put out by some stitchers amazes me - this of course is balanced by those who are stressing that life is getting in the way of their stitching. Stitch when you can I always say..I even have an itty bitty bit of fabric and threaded needle sitting in my glasses case - why not? Its not as if I ever put my glasses in there!
I also found this little questionnaire on another blog. (Thanks Anna)I liked the simplicity of the questions which pertain to stitchers and thought I'd share it here - with my answers... (which is probably why it was started in the first place)
  • Where did you learn to stitch? My grandma taught me young - I still have the applique'd pincushion I made at 5. As for cross-stitch-that was a skill taught at school at 12
  • What is your favorite type of stitching? I'd call myself an obsessed cross stitcher. I don't mind the quickness of stitchery though
  • How many years have you been stitching? - well if we were to subract 5 from my true's younger than the age I admit to... let's just say - over 40
  • What are your favourite threads to use? I would have to say DMC - mostly because that is what I've mostly stitched with - I'm enjoying the challenge of hand-dyed and varigated and would say I do like the feel of Caron Waterlilies - but then there are so many more to try.
  • Have you tried any new technicques in the past year? If so which? I"m re-learning specialty stitches on the Papillion SAL - stitches I remember from the past, but not overly used. I did however, finally used a Ladder stitch to finish up an ornament - surprised at how simple it was and why did I not use it earlier!
  • Do you prefer small or large projects? A bit of both - I like using small projects to break up the monotony of a large project. I also like the satisfaction of finishing a large project - when it happens. On that thoughtwave - define large !
  • Any particular subject matter you prefer for your projects? Yikes - I love ornaments - they are so quick. I love band samplers. I don't tend to stitch photo quality projects. I like the primitive look of bent creek. Next year I'm thinking of dedicating the year to snowmen (can't see that happening - there are too many other charts rearing their heads)
  • Where do you get your inspiration? For ornaments - I'd have to say Magazines. Internet freebies are great enablers too. Message boards and now Blogs - reading and seeing other stitchers projects and learning about new to me designers and charts - the 'gotta have that' list is growing daily

Whew! That's a mouthful for such a quiet morning....better get the family organised if we are to do all that is needed today.

Have a great weekend!


Tammy said...

Love the questions--and answers!

Siobhan said...

It was fun to discover a bit more about you through your Q&As! Love your blog.

Harry said...

Hi Mum!

Cindy F. said...

Great post! Just discovered your blog and I'm enjoying it:) Gotta add you to my google reader:)