Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Competition time....my first blogging competition.

I've reached the magical number of 26 followers, and time to offer up my first competition.

I am offering the Waxing Moon's chart "The Most Patterns" and a square of hand dyed Aida to stitch it on. I've stitched it once and am half way through the second time, so it's time to pass it along. The aida is close to the right size - but it fits. I'm not sure what colour I'll send out - my competition, my rules, my choice.

I do not mark my charts when stitching so it is a clean copy.

Post a comment for one chance.
Mention my competition on your blog for another entry.
Follow my blog for another entry......
that is; become a new follower.
If you can guess what date this month is my wedding anniversary - I'll put another entry. (there is a clue in a post earlier this month....)

I'll draw this competition on Sunday 31st - Good Luck!


lynda said...

What a cute design...please enter me in your drawing.
And is your anniversary the 23rd? Mine is the 22nd.

Marie said...

Please enter me too Bronny, plus I advertised your comp, how could I not lol. Now if my maths is right (dodgey at the best of times) I too have to say I think your anniversary is the 23rd.

Kate said...

Bronny, I also meant to comment that my son's birthday is the same as your husbands. He is 28 years old today. He made me a grandmother earlier this year. Soooooo, the point is, wish your husband a Happy Birthday from us.

Kate said...

Well, I guess my last comment didn't make it onto your blog. Please enter me is your drawing, I have also posted it to my blog as well, I joined as well and I guess you anniversary to be the 23rd of May.

PaulineD said...

Gosh Bronny, you know I need that chart!lol stop tempting me with it. I'm thinking your wedding anniversary is on the 23rd May. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Dawn said...

I would love to be entered into your giveaway! I have posted it to my blog and I will guess your anniversary is on the 23rd of May.

Happy Birthday to your hubby!

Renee G said...

Wow, I would definitely love to win this. And I would also say that your anniversary is on the 23rd of May.


Ulla said...

Please enter my name in the drawing! Your anniversary is on the 23th of May.

Vanessa said...

Love give=aways - found your blog through another blog - best wishes to all of you.
Vanessa in Upstate nY
butterflyjones03 AT Yahoo DOT com

Kathy said...

This is a pattern I have looked at many times but have never bought so please enter me in your giveaway.
So now a guess for your anniversary--June?


Terry said...

Love this one! Throw my name in the hat for the giveaway, please and thank you.


Suna said...

Hi there Bronny,

Could you please enter me into the competition? I am now officially one of your followers, and I have posted your competition on my blog :o)

It would also seem that your anniversary is coming up on May 23rd.


finbogs AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

Gaynor said...

I dont want to enter your comp..just like your blog ;-) I will leave it to your more regular readers and perhaps next time I will enter though the fabric is very tempting hehe.
Your ideas for dog names are excellent...the terrier is a bit of a Gaspode but my son named him (he is nearly 7 now) so will save it for a possible future pet. Stil, I will put it to my kids tomorrow and perhaps Roly will have a name change ;-)

Kim said...

Please enter me in your great giveaway - I think your anniversary is May 23rd. Thanks!

Natasha said...

Awesome giveaway. Thank you . I am already a follower but I did link you on my Blog and I am going to say June 2nd is your Anniversary?
Thanks :)