Friday, May 8, 2009

Recent finishes...and a bit of a natter

It has been so difficult recently to add to my blog while my computer is having 'issues'.

Last weekend was so much fun at the GTG and I never shared it with you

I grabbed this picture from Coral's blog - and I'm there in the front row, with a stranglehold on the poor dog...We were all laughing because of Coral's effort to get between the camera and seated before the flash went off.

Front Row L to R Robyn, Lesley, George, Bronny, Little Max, Coral.
Middle Row Susan, Helen, Lee Ann, Melisa
Back Kristeen and Zoe.

As for stitching, last sunday I put the finishing stitches into La D Dah's "Smell my feet" - an ornament in the JCS Halloween Ornament issue. I chose to stitch this on some really, really soft 11count aida - the colour is more sage than this scan, but the scanner chose it's own tones. It was a really easy stitch and one that I think I'll do again in other colourways - what do you think about orange and purple striped stockings??

Most of you spied this one in the background of the TUSAL picture - it is Waxing Moon's - "Too many patterns". This was a fun stitch and would fit really nicely on a quilt square, but possibly a bit to close to the bone if used in such a manner! I hope to finish it into either a cushion or a wall-hanging. I used whatever hand-dyes came to mind, so a cushion possibly is not very practical - especially in my house! Once again, the scanner washed out the colour - the aida is a very pale hand-dyed green tint. I also plead guilty for making a counting error - will add some buttons in a vain attempt to correct it.
This weekend is my neice Marisa's 18th birthday - it will be a young people's party and not much sleep for the oldies. John is looking forward to playing guitar with his cousins. Sunday is Mother's day - hopefully a day of stitching for me. My hubby Martin, has a birthday on Tuesday and our 22nd Wedding Anniversary is 11 days after that! Plenty of celebrations ahead.
I do look forward to the time spent daily at the computer, trying to keep up to date with my bloglist - If I don't always post a comment, I DO enjoy reading about other stitchers - and it is so easy to fall off into a tangent by reading blogs that YOU have listed as favourites.....


Tammy said...

Aw, great pic!

Suna said...

This is both cute, funny and also something which would be a proper epitaph for me. I have long ago passed the stage where I assume I will be able to make all the patterns I own ;o)

coral said...

bronny it was delightful to meet you day went so quickly dashing across the wet lawn ensured a smiley photo :)Ithink this is the best GTG photo I have seen we all look like we were on the happy pills :)I hope you got to now us a lot better than our reputations :)