Saturday, June 5, 2010

Covering containers and Christmas Crafting Challenges!

It's been a bit chilly this afternoon, and instead of stitching, I've been crafting in other directions.
You see, a friend at work gave me this week, 10 pairs of shoes!! One pair does not fit, Two pair do not suit, one pair of thongs have some really cool mother-of-pearl buttons on the top - these will be snipped off and snaffled for future projects. Of the rest, two were given to me in really cool, sturdy shoeboxes. They each had eyelet holes in the front, and I couldn't help myself...they called out to be covered in Christmas fabric and utilised to store my small Christmas gifts in.
....which leads me to my latest project:
Early Bird Christmas Crafting. You will see that I've added a button to my sidebar over there >>>>>>>>
Judith at Creative Studio is hosting this really good idea for getting a head-start on all our Christmas gifts - and getting us thinking about what to craft for friends and family. By starting now, anything that takes a bit of time to make can be started in time for December!
There is a monthly prize draw for those who have crafted items and all sorts of spot prizes for bloggers joining in on the challenge. There are also free patterns and ideas to get you started!
The first thing to do, was to find a notebook and individualise it to get the Christmassy theme going. There are a lot of very talented bloggers out there - and a lot of great ideas are being shared.
I found the last remaining cheapo 5c exercise book and covered it with some super sparkly green and gold velvet. I reinforced the covers with some extra cardboard and covered the inner covers with green Christmassy material. I found a small strip of red Christmas ribbon and it sets it off nicely (and I can tell which is the front of the book!) While the book was sitting under a pile of placemats to set dry, I started on the shoeboxes. I did drag out all my christmas fabric and decided that blue would be the way to go. I didn't have enough to cover both tops and bottoms, but by having matching lids, they coordinate nicely - and the bottoms are in blue and gold material. I'm very pleased how these turned out - I may cover more things in fabric soon!
Even if you don't join the challenge - cheer me on - I'll show my efforts as they are churned out!!


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Great job, Bronny! I love how your covers turned out - anything I ever have tried to cover never looks that neat. I'm going to go check out the site you mentioned. Good luck getting your gifts done - can't wait to see your progress!

KaHolly said...

Hi Bronny, they look great! It'll be fun to try to keep up with Judith's challenges and learn a few new things along the way. ~karen