Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hot Pink Snowman - hot off the needle !!!!

Here it is...Hot off the needle at 1am - Sunday morning.
I was not going to go to bed until all the backstitching was done. I decided to sign it : bronnyb June 2010 the year of the Snowman.
I'll be making this one into a cushion.
Woo Hoo !!!! so pleased that I've another finish done!!!
(time for bed now.....)


Daffycat said...

Love it, love it, love it! Bronny this is just darling! I really like how you signed it too.

tkdquintmom said...

I LOVE it on that pink! How cool and different and unique. It just goes Kapow! Well done matey!

Catharina Maria said...

Beautiful !
Here i am again and now for pink Saturday !

Elaine said...

Aww isn;t he just adorable! Congrats on such a fab finish.

Maggie said...

So cute! love the way you have personalised it too :-)

Vicky said...

Love it Bronny and the colour of the fabric is wonderful.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

You go girl! Year of the snowman - love it!!

riona said...

What a delightfully colorful piece ... the fabric choice is inspired. I love reading your blog but I still manage to be surprised everytime you mention weather or seasons. Yes, I did study geography in grade school and understand the reversal of seasons but somehow I can't quite fathom a wintry June.

Solstitches said...

I love the idea of a hot pink snowman :)
That's just so cute!