Sunday, May 30, 2010

My weekend Kangaroos - sharing some pics with you

These are 'my' kangaroos - a mob of 33 have spent this weekend at my area - I tried to capture a good photo, but hopefully this slideshow gives you an idea how close they are. Most of these photos were taken at 7:30 on Sat 29th - including my partly headshot - to show how close they are. There are a couple of foggy shots from Sunday 7:30am - I couldn't get really clear photos, but they were much closer before bounding away to safety (edited Sunday night at 8:30 - My photobucket slideshow mysteriously deleted itself - so I've just re-posted static photos to this post - sorry don't know what happened!)


Barbara said...

Love them! We have deer that come through the yard twice a day. I'd love to see a few kangaroos hop by too, but that's probably not going to happen here in the US!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What a wonderful site! To see all of those roos much just be a thrill!

Eureka! Beads said...

How brilliant to have that many kangas, you're so lucky!