Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My pinetree quilt top - What I achieved today.

This is my second 'finish' for today.
Loyal readers may remember my holiday project from the first week of May - and that I had to cut my holiday short by one day, which prevented me from completing the quilt top.
Because I decided to make this a smidge bigger than the pattern, I've added another 7 trees and 6 x 9-patches to that which was originally made.
I spent today putting those extra 9-patches and one tree together and changing the order that the trees would sit. I have yet to source material for a border, but imagine a green mini-border, with a further calico/green square row, before another, wider green border.
Of course, I will post further progress pics as I go.


Raven/Missy said...

The tree blocks and 9 patch blocks look great! This is going to be a beautiful quilt when it is finished!

Karen 'n Chris said...

Awesome forest for some one who doesnt quilt - roflmao.
Now you just need to find a project that combines needlework and quilting and life will be near perfect!

Nancy*Glory Bee said...

Your quilt is beautiful! If you want the ornament preview issue I will try and find one for both of us! Let me know. Martha? Do you have a sampler that you are reproducing??? I would love to see it.....Nancy

Solstitches said...

Your quilt is gorgeous!
I'm not a quilter either but I do love to play with fabric.