Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Christmas Crafting - June 2010

Although barely in time for June, I have been crafting small items for little gifts this coming Christmas. I was behind all the other starters, finishing my journal and storage boxes late in the challenge too. But what to stitch?
I've started on a few key rings, but not finished yet.
I've started on a couple of key fobs, but not finished yet. I did stitch on my quilt top - but that's not part of the challenge I did finish my pink snowman cushion - but that is also not part of the challenge

I did find a couple of great tutorials - Not sure who gave me the idea for coasters -
but I thought they looked fairly simple - and I had some fat quarters to play with... I made 2 sets of 6 to start with, and thought they were so great, I've gone overboard with the idea - I'm now in the midst of sewing about another40 of them.... I can sew about 6 per night, and will sew all the tails in sometime this weekend. I've still got a couple of ideas for little gifts floating in my head - I just have to knuckle down and put them on paper and transfer them to fabric!

You can also see my itty bitty tomato pincushion - I've only made one so far, but plan to make many, many more. Something that took my fancy, but I don't know who else (but stitchers) who would want one. My main challenge is to make Christmas gifts for non-stitchers.
My next post will be my 200th post - fancy that! I'll gather some bits together for a giveaway and will announce it on my next message!
Happy Stitching!!


staci said...

Oh, well done starting your Christmas gifts early!!!

coral said...

Well done Bronny I have done a couple but still have two biggies to get done:)

Karen 'n Chris said...

Excellente!! Tis also an ecellent way to use up all those little bits left over too.
Now you do know that you have an obsession dont you - hmmm?
Oh and if you really need ideas for non stitchy friends, try shopping/market bags to replace the nasty green things or little wallets/purses or fabric bookmarks or.. or... or...

KAY said...

You sound so organised, Bronny.
I have basrely thought about Christmas alough it is less than six months to go. :)

Anonymous said...

hi Bron

you missed me being mostly ignored at Pak tonight!!

like your plans for christmas crafting already!!

Sew Many Ways... said...

I love all your gifts you've made already. I always have the best of intentions. We'll see how far I can get this year.
Take care,