Saturday, December 26, 2009

Seasons Greetings - M.A.S.T. & WIP roundup - Blogiversary

Seasons Greetings to all my friends and blogging buddies - I trust that Santa has left you sufficient stitching stash and you are just itching to get started on some new and exciting projects for 2010.
I thought I'd end this year by showing just a few of my current WIP's - which might get me motivated to continue and finish them early in the new year so I can move onto my project of Stitching Snowmen in 2010!
Starting with my Christmas it didn't get finished before the 25th, but as it is only me that worries about such things....In the big scheme of things, is not a real worry. I've had another couple of hours stitching, since t his photo was taken, and I should be able to post the completed square today or tomorrow.
You remember th e poppies??? This is as far as I got this year, and it is a lot of confetti stitching for the background, but I really love the fabric - 25count something. I am still happy with changing the colours

My china doll was the last new start this year, found in the Jill Oxton Mag 52 - a Christmas gift from a workmate - stitched on 16ct white aida - all that is left is the umbrella and her face. This has been stitched using only black for the outline, a mid brown for her hands and chin. I picked out two new DMC varigateds - a dark blue for the sash and the umbrella inside and the orange/red varigated for the silk pattern on the kimono. I'm really pleased with the way the colours worked on this so far.

Another part project on aida was this blackwork house - I believe the chart to be Ginger & Spice Town & Country House - I picked a dark olive green for this house, the shading is achieved by a combination of double strand cross - half cross and single strand cross and half cross stitches.
Also in this picture is a small sampler that is stitched on a deep denim blue linen with ecru and gold thread - I don't know the name of the chart, or where it came from - I'm sorry for the purists out there, but this is taken from an old photocopy from an old m agazine - and there is absolutely no details or even designer name on the chart. From memory, I received this chart in a bundle of stash given to me by my Mum some years ago after she found the bundle in a garage sale.

Lastly, in today's offering of WIP's (if I dig too deep into the basket i'll find more - like the 2007 TOL sampler and Rosewood Manor's Inspirations!!!) is Bent Creek's bluebird sampler - I think it's the bluebird sampler, the chart was buried further down than the stitching. I'd almost forgotten this one, and I'm sure I was only stitching it a few weeks ago!

M.A.S.T. roundup -
This was the end result of my sad little group - I never got around to setting the tree candles alight - will save them for next year. I don't think I'll be morbid enough to keep half a santa, or a headless penguin - I'm certain that I'll find replacements throughout the year. Please join me next year for another round of M.A.S.T.

I never noticed, but the 24th December was my first Blogiversary !!!!!!
I'm going to hunt around for giveaway prizes to celebrate.
My blog was started to essentially document all my stitching - along the way, I've discovered a wealth of crafty people out there, that reading blogs is a fun way to become inspired to try new things, increased my freebie stash, laughed and cried with new friends.
I hope that in the new year, when life has settled down a bit, that I'll be able to join in a few exchanges with my new blogging friends.

Once again - Seasons Greetings and have a Happy & Safe New Year!!!!


Daffycat said...

Happy blogoversary, Bronny!

Susan said...

Hello Bronny,

I've just discovered your blog after your comment on Fiona's and her 2010 Frugal Living year. I've added my own comment to Fiona's post and shared things I do.

I'd love to know what you do, to make living on $120 a fortnight possible. We too have 2 children, 2 dogs, but no cat, but chooks, geese, guinea fowls and sheep!!!

I love the "Christmas Table" cloth you have shown and putting the names of those present.

Where did that cloth come from? I think that is a wonderful idea to do each year.


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