Thursday, December 31, 2009

Saying Farewell to 2009 - looking forward to a positive 2010 - Stitching

5 pm on New Year's Eve here in Pakenham - and it's hot.... so hot that all the Christmas Chocolate had to be eaten because it was in danger of melting away! Before I start the evening's festivities with some rather fine Australian White Wine (and thereby minimising the chance that I'll mutalise the english language by attempting to type while slightly tipsy) I thought I'd take the time to look at my stitching accomplishments this year....after all - this blog was set up as a stitchers journal - just over 12 months ago.....(golly, the longest time I've ever kept a diary going!)

We will start by looking at my 2009 Stitching Goals

  • One Christmas Ornament a month - (I think I completed ONE - but I did manage to sew a few patchwork Apron ornaments for the Bushfire Ornament challenge - so that lets me out on a technicality)
  • Start - Arabian nights Quilt - Not even started - still in the dreaming/planning stage
  • Finish - Papillon 2008 SAL - COMPLETED
  • Start - Christmas Quilt - sigh......I'm too scared to cut into the fabric by myself - I might have to plan a stitchy day and find somebody to hold my hand before I play snip-snip!
  • Finish - English floral Alphabet - I don't think I picked it up - I did start in 2005!
  • Finish - Loni's Square - For this I hang my head in shame - many excuses for not picking this one up and charting the balance of the square to send to my partner in crime in the UK so that it can be finished and sent back to Loni in the USA!! My fault entirely and I will do my best to get this one out of the house pronto!!!
  • Finish - blackwork sampler - would you believe that I'm frantically trying to finish this one today? I've come to the realisation that it is likely to be my first finish for 2010!
  • Finish - 'The Garden' - still on the WIP list
  • Aussie/Kiwi Patriotic Exchange - COMPLETED
  • Bushfire Quilt Square - COMPLETED
  • UFO into WIP - Janlynn's - Cats, Cats, Cats (with colour changes) - still a UFO I'm afraid - not high on the list of priorities
  • Ian's 50th Birthday Panel COMPLETED
  • Finish - Mirabilia's Mermaid Queen - COMPLETED
All in all - there were 49 finishes (more - if I count 34 doorstops rather than 1 x group of doorstops) - A lot of small finishes and going by past lists, pretty much standard amount of finishes....

Now to look forward to 2010

My WIP :

  1. Blackwork Sampler - source: Unknown book from 1998 : 40ct denim linen
  2. China Doll - source: Jill Oxton magazine - issue 52 : 16ct white aida
  3. Cats, Cats, Cats. - source: Janlynn : 14ct white aida - Can I turn this from UFO to WIP this year? It involves frogging the existing border (out by 1 row anyway) from blue and replacing it with green to suit my furnishings. Have to drag it out and fall in love with it again.
  4. Loni's Square - as above - 2009 list : very fine linen - my own design
  5. Poppy Field - source: JCS mag Aug 2008 - 25ct evenweave - lovely to stitch on
  6. Country House - Ginger & Spice chart : 16ct white aida - monochrome design
  7. Bluebird Sampler - Bent Creek : 28ct tan evenweave - this design to be followed with the brown/blackbird samplers to make the set
  8. TOL Sampler : My design - released on a messageboard as a mystery sampler in 2007! Since I designed the thing - dont you think I should at least finish it???? Not much left to stitch.
  9. The Garden - source : TIAG - found the chart for 50c in a thrift shop. Have started stitching it on mustard yellow evenweave - probably 32 count
  10. Teddybear - source: Work colleague gave me this kit on aida to stitch on her behalf. She has since retired and I see her every 6 months or so. I really should make an effort to finish the stitching on this (ugly, ugly stitch - not pleasant fabric or floss!)
  11. Inspiration - source : Rosewood Manor chart. I have made a good start on this, and I think I need a bit more inspiration myself to continue on 28ct pewter evenweave
  12. English Floral Alphabet - source: UK Cross Stitcher magazine series in 1995. I've put all the motifs together and started stitching this in 2005. I am now up to 'J' I want to finish this so that I can start another banner sampler...
  13. Iris Blackwork - source : UK cross stitch magazine 1998 ish... All I have to do to complete this, is the couching with gold japan thread - once again - I find myself needing somebody to sit with me and hold my hand - how stupid is this???

Kitted and not started:
  1. Teacup Stack - Candamar Designs - I fell in lust with this design and with great effort, obtained the kit. I'm ready to go, but lack the oomph to put the needle to the fabric. I might, after all this time change the fabric and floss from the kit before I start.
  2. Quilt - Christmas Truffles - I am such a baby because I don't want to cut into the fabric to start this patchwork masterpiece in case I make a bad cut. I might have to bite the bullet and join a saturday morning stitching bee so that I can have moral support to do so.
Are you happy to sit along with me in 2010 and cheer me on my stitching journey?
I thank you all for your support this year - reading comments and getting to recognise other stitchers from all over the world has really been a buzz.

Raise your glasses and give a cheer
Let us farewell this past year
Pop the corks and give a toast
of 2010 we'll make the most!


Rowyn said...

Happy new year.

Now there's a great excuse to eat all the chocolate, I must remember that one! :-)

Looks like you completed quite a few of your 2009 goals - well done!!

stitchinfiend said...

Here's to 2010 and a better year all round. Will be here cheering you one with your stitching. Happy New Year

stitcheranon said...

It is only midday here so I suspect you will on the floor by the time New year reaches here rofl.
I know what you mean about cutting fabric: I am going to start a quilt but it is scary ;-)
Have a wonderful new year and good luck with all your aims for 2010.

Bette said...

Your list of goals is very impressive as is what you did in 2009. Will be here to cheer you on in 2010. Happy New Year!

riona said...

You accomplished quite a bit in 2009! Good luck with your 2010 goals.

tkdquintmom said...

Have a fantastic New Year Bronny..and oh yeah...I'll share a drink with ya. ;)

Chars said...

Good luck with achieving your goals for the year :) I will be here to cheer you on.

Nic said...

Here's to your goals ! I'll be cheering you on just like you're cheering me - together we can have a very productive year!