Sunday, December 20, 2009

M.A.S.T. - day 5 (and a word of warning!)


Word of warning.....some of those glossy candles are actually PLASTIC coated !!!! I'm so lucky that the smoke detectors did not go off while burnine the two on either edge.... The wick was crackling when I lit it, and I wasn't quite certain, so I brought them both to my kitchen bench, where there was nothing around them overhanging in any direction - no walls or christmas trees etc....

The Santa Bear on the left burnt quite ferociously and was giving off toxic fumes - he ended up with 3 internal wicks and the outside edge all aflame at once...i've got little bits of soot floating around the kitchen now. The santa with the sack and toys around him burnt simarlarly, but had only one internal wick.
Wonky Santa is burning slowly and with dignity.......The penguin is gracious in his meltdown. Frosty has gone head and shoulders, down to his elbows. He may only last one more burn.

Tomorrow the startled looking nutcracker!

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stitchinfiend said...

You are living dangerously......LOL. Love watching how these are burning. Who knew it could be so dangerous.