Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas !!!!

Ornament tree 2009

A week later than usual, but my ornament tree is up - I realised as I was placing the ornaments, that there wasn't any stitched this year... I have less than 3 weeks to rectify that problem.
This is not the big family tree - oh no.... - I'm not allowed to put hand made ornaments on that tree - Harry's rules. I still like my first flat-fold, the PS santa at the front corner.

The M.A.S.T. table is behind the tree...... curious ????
I'll tell you all about M.A.S.T. tomorrow....might even be organised to show you the tablecloth as well!!! - until then .... please enjoy my tree!

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stitchinfiend said...

I am dying to know what M.A.S.T. stands for.....please reveal all soon.....LOL