Saturday, December 19, 2009

M.A.S.T. - day 4

I think I am enjoying this a tad too much! After nearly 2 hours burn last night, one santa is just a puddle of wax in an ash-tray - Vintage Santa lost his head completely - and I can't find his wick to re-light him. Wonky Santa still stands tall, but is looking decidedly worried. Penguin, although headless is still maintaining his shape. Frosty's hat could not save him after all, and I think he now has a decided look of surprise after his brains flowed out of his ear!!!!

I'm surprised they've lasted this long - we've not had the usual run of heat this week, so that could be a contributing factor.

I promise to post more stitchy posts at sometime during this weekend!!! promise!!

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riona said...

I had to scroll all the way down to see what MAST meant and of course, read all the MAST progress reports in their proper order. This a hoot!

As an educator, I get all sorts of silly [even ugly] Christmas candles as gifts from students. I will have to set them aside to burn next year ... maybe I'll even write a little novella about the candles as they burn, assigning them names and character traits, and noting their reactions to their own and their companions' fates.

OR, I could just mail any snowman candles to you.