Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to 2009!!

So much for not starting anything new until something on my WIP list was finished.

Courtesy of a couple of bottles of fine Australian Wine on New Year's Eve, and encouragement from a couple of friends (who shall remain nameless) on a chat board at 9pm - I started stitching a quick Lizzie Kate - Sunshine Sampler.
I had some aida about the right size, and I grabbed my box of DMC numbers 3801-3880 (+ a few variations), threaded a needle (without mishap) and stitched an ice cream cone.
I'll leave this chart sitting at the computer and it can be my 'stitch-at-night-when-i'm-too-tired-to-see-linen' stitching.
For those disbelievers...I've shown the back as well.
Admittedly not as neat stitching as when I'm sober, but hey-it works for me!

I've spent today stitching and sleeping and nursing a slight headache. Happy New Year everybody!

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Xangles said...

Hi Bronny. Wishing you a fruitful and happy stitching year! How did you manage to complete 50 finishes in 2008. I consider it a feat of no small proportion! I seem to spend a whole lot of time drooling over patterns and stitching I see in blogland, and not having enough time to make some of mine happen