Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back from the bush!

We're back from our flash trip to the bush - up to Dimboola to see my Dad. We stayed at the Dimboola Host Farm, just beside what used to be the Wimmera River. It is so sad to see it so dried up. On the photo - you can see where the water level should be, but this bit of water is just a puddle in a large stretch of river. Not so many years ago I travelled in a motorboat up and down this river.
The boys enjoyed themselves immensely - in particular, riding the home built tractor around the host farm. Please note that 'Joe Cool' had to wear his sunnies and hat!

There were another couple of attractions to the Host Farm for the boys - a pet kangaroo - 'Joey' and a baby magpie who formed a great attachment to Harry.

The Little Dessert Area is quite serene and Martin managed to get a couple of lovely sunset photos

Although it was good to see Dad so well, and despite the shortness of the trip, I am glad to be home again.
Now to plan my 2009 stitching.......................


Bette said...

Your photos are lovely. Australia is next on my list of places to visit. Maybe someday... It sounds like you had a lovely trip.

Rowyn said...

Welcome to the world of blogging.

Great photos of your trip. I especially like the magpie on Harry's head. lol

Nise said...

The boys look at ease in the country. Love he wildlife.