Sunday, January 18, 2009

Out of the UFO pile and into the WIP pile!

It's been a week already since my last post! That's what happens when you work full time and stitch part time - how I wish I could reverse the hours spent on those activities!

I started stitching "Emerald Queen" at a patchworking club in May 2007. She is stitched on hand-dyed evenweave (thank you Karen), and since mid '08 had been sitting in the pile without a face. Yesterday, I dragged her out of the "Not-quite-but-nearly-UFO" pile and put needle to fabric. She so very soon had a face! How simple it was! What had taken me so long to do that little bit of stitching?

I know....stitching Ornaments! I stitched a bit to excess last year, but I'm determined this year to not start another project until a WIP is finished. (yeah right! - and I started a LK on New Year's Eve! - WOW! - that resolution lasted - NOT! ) So until an Aida project is finished - i'll not start something similar. I really want to move onto something else (not sure yet, but something will leap at me), so I have to finish Emerald Queen first.
Oh yes...nearly forgot - for the sake of stitching something while I was bored out of my brain - I started this little santa on a scrap of aida on Friday night - finished him on Saturday. He'll go live in a pile of ornies, waiting for a flurry of finishing later this year.
Here is 'Spooky' - by Val's Stuff - I finished him in Nov last year, and must have put him somewhere safe - found him yesterday too - so he can keep Santa company while they are waiting to be finished!

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Nise said...

Very nice Bronny. It is amazing how they come to life when they have a face.