Sunday, January 11, 2009

My first finish for 2009 - and a WIP!

Here we go - hot off the needle - I've finished Jeremiah Junction's 'Hang your Quilts'.
I started it a couple of months ago, looking for something to stitch on a bit of aida - a no-brainer as it were. Aida to evenweave is like Mills & Boon (penny romances) compared to a John LeCarre novel. Both are books that I don't like to put down, but read through to the bitter end. M&B books are not taxing on the brain and I don't have to think too hard to follow the plot. (Although there have been a few characters in the M&B that I would cheerfully thwack across the back of the head!) Unlike M&B books however, I don't finish a design and say 'Ugh!' in disgust.
This one can be found in the December 1997 issue of Cross Country Stitching. I have a couple of these magazines and always seem to find at least one chart I can stitch out of it all.
I didn't have the shiny charms pictured on the original design, but I think my mini bugs suit the design quite well. I'm not sure yet how this will be finished off - it's likely to end up as yet another wall-hanging. I'm not even sure that I'll keep it yet - I may give it away to the local quilt shop.
My other WIP, started on New Year's Eve bolstered by a bottle of very nice Australian White is a Lizzie Kate. I may have this finished in a day or so is a small Summer Sampler...

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