Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday dear John - 16yo today!!

Today is John's 16th birthday.

We had a massive, joint family effort, and cleaned the house so that we could have a nice, relaxing family lunch for John. The house does look nice and clean and I wonder how long before the 'flat surface syndrome' strikes again!!!!

Martin cooked a lump of pork and some potatos in foil in the webber...mmmmm tasty. I rustled up a few salads and we served everybody buffet style. Very little salads left for tomorrow's lunch and absolutely no cake!

We're all feeling rather stuffed full as a goog. John played his guitar - he's happy.

Tonight I sat and stitched - finished off yet another 'My Aunt's Attic' freebie. It's another little flower - this time in varigated DMC greens. It's also on what is possibly 18ct aida, so used only one strand instead of 2.

Tomorrow, AUSTRALIA DAY, I hope to sit and stitch - essentially putting some beads on my Emerald Queen. More photos tomorrow....

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