Thursday, October 27, 2011


Whoa!!!   it's TUSAL TIME!!!!!

Nearly forgot to post - not having my own computer at the moment really stuffs up blog posting.
You can see how full this is getting AND not only is there halloween autumn tones at the top, but you can see WHITE floss - what do you think - Ghosts or Sheepies????  What do you think of my little sheepie - new to my flock?  I found him at an antique shop for a couple of dollars - he's an old ceramic sheepie and now has a new home - at least until the new year, on my sheepie display..... (what AM I going to do, come January, with all these sheep???)

I also get to share a wee bit of happy dancing with you - Pauline sent me a lovely package, and I received it today at work.  There's Voodoo Bob at the back right - a Mill Hill Christmas Sheepie chart, a pattern for a sewn sheep, a lovely scissors bag AND a sweet pair of scissors (hmmm....what sort of fob will land on these???), a lovely mug rug and a really sweet stitched pin pillow.  Thank you Pauline, I don't remember winning something, but this was a sweet surprise in the mail...I don't think Voodoo Bob will make it in time for this year....I love that nice to make friends in blog-land.

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cucki said...

hello dear lovely tusal jar with sweet sheepie..
and your gift is so are a lucky sheepie today :)
i am so happy for you..i think for the scissor a sweet sheep will look nice..
love for you and enjoy your gift. xxx