Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Year of the Sheepie - October's Sheepie

I had thought about Dimb-ewe-la, to celebrate our brief holiday in Dimboola last weekend, but couldn't think of what to stitch the sheep about.  Of course, I'm about to drag out my Halloween decorations - and had to pick that as a theme.  But; how to title it.  Let's face it, it's hard to come up with something fitting that links sheep, fleece, baa, flock to Halloween - let alone keep it precise.  I toyed with :
Boo! - Did I Scare Ewe
Woolly Boo-lly
Happy Hall-ewe-een

but in the end, decided that Creepy Sheepie fitted the bill.  I like my 'ghost sheep'

Now back to working on Spooky Stuff by Homespun Elegance and Halloween Magic by Carriage House Samplings  - I should be able to finish one, if not both by the end of the month.


cucki said...

i love it..sweet finish xx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Like a Sheep out of Hell? The pic kind of looks like the album cover!

Stitchinowl said...

Very cute and creepy finish! Another nice piece for your Year of the Sheep. Have you decided yet what will be your stitchy theme for 2012?

Kim, Hancock said...

Cool - you are so creative!!

christhequilter said...

if he's tired...sleepy, creepy sheepie

if he's a spendthrift....cheapy, sleepy creepy sheepie

if he jumps....leapy, cheapy, sleepy, creepy sheepie