Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Creepie Halloweenie from BOO-ronny!

Sometimes it's worthwhile being known as the local crazy lady.

You see, we don't 'DO' Halloween here in Australia, although over the past 3 years, Trick or Treating has become more and more popular.  All Hallowe's Eve, once celebrated as a pagan ritual in the UK and Europe, becoming Halloween Celebrations in the USA - we've got this odd notion of Trick or Treat, with our children expecting to knock on the doors of people they would never normally approach, dressed in ghoulish outfits.  Where once, a few years ago, I would not participate, now I decorate, using the wonderful kitchy witchy items, exchanged with blogging friends (remind me that I need to do a halloween/aussie fabric exchange again next year, I'm running low on specialty fabrics) and the local kids know that I can be the one house in the street where they WILL get a handfull of treats.
Poor fellow must have been waiting for awhile

I started today, by decorating my office.
Trick or Treat at work!
My boss just shook his head, muttering something like "Only Bronny........."

At the end of the day, I took the decorations down and raced home, knowing there was not a lot of time left to get my decorations back up, before the local toddlers made their way around to my door.  
Jack Skellingbone welcomes you

View from the front door...
One or two adjustments, such as moving my table near the entryway, a few cobweb or two and I was ready...........
Each little group of trick or treaters came up to my door and quietly murmured 'Trick or Treat'.  Of course, that was not good enough for me, and after a bit of coaching, each one was calling out so loudly:  TRICK OR TREAT !!     Then I would open my door and tell them I had treats for them.

I spy Candy Corn.....
Witch Witch?
The verdict from the group of pre-teen witches was that my display made their night and I was the 'Best Halloween House' in the neighbourhood.  I was the only adult that had made an effort and had as much fun giving it out as they did dressing up.
Webs to the left

eyeballs in a bowl...

Table from the other end


cucki said...

Happy halloween to you too dear..
lovely decorations xxx

Chris said...

Happy Halloween Bronny!
The decorations look great and I love all the stitched pieces.

Mel said...

WOW! I LOVE your decorations. That is one thing I love about Halloween, the decorations. Hubby doesn't do halloween either and many people over here say it's not australian to do it but hey, there are many cultures in australia so I say if you wanna do halloween go for it!
I enjoyed decoration my workplace a few years ago, our decorations were awesome!

Kim Hancock said...

Great decorations!! I see that we have stitched some of the same things as well!!

Cheryll said...

Nice halloween decorations! Hope you had a good one.
How is your santa sack swap going? :)