Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloweenie Madness creeps further in.

Here's my latest stitchity offering - sorry for the wonky view, but you know how it is, finish late at night, having only a chair back to drape your project on, and the flash washes out the colour of the tea-dyed fabric.  You only realise that the pic has a bend in it when you post it to blogger - but that will all be fixed when you fling it into a frame and take another pic later that same week (fingers crossed!)
This is Spooky Stuff button Sampler, by Homespun Elegance.  I stitched it using more of the lovely Nancy's handdyed floss - Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe - Swapped around the order of colours for the alphabet so that important letters were highlighted.
B = Bronny  
I = I stitched it!  
J= John (my maiden name and one of my son's -sorry Harry - you missed out this time!)
N= Needlecraft and Nancy (my mum's name)
S = Stitching!!
X = X-Stitch of course!!!

The chart called for Olde Brass embelishments to be stitched in each corner.  I, of course, changed that to something I could afford.  4 nearly black buttons, to which I added brass toned seed beads as I stitched them on to the fabric, then added 8 stitched black legs to each.  They make me smile, every time I see them.
Such an easy look - I might play with a bit of fabric later today and make a small fob with the same idea.

It's nearly TUSAL time again - and looking at my container, I can see so very few white floss orts.  I really need to 'raise the baa' and get a wriggle on to some more sheepie stitching.

What do you call it when a flock of sheep roll down the hill?????

A LAMB-slide    !!!!!



Denise said...

Glad you mentioned the sheep - was gonna ask where they were in this piece! Love your newest finish. HAppy Halloween!

cucki said...

yup..i was looking for a sheepie in the design
lovely stitching and u love it so much..
have a lovely weekend dear and enjoy the fall.
hugs from cucki xxx

cucki said...

oops..i love it so much..
sorry for the wrong typing..
love for you again :)