Saturday, March 20, 2010

a Tardy T.U.S.A.L and musings of mice and musios

It's almost a week late, but here is my contribution to March T.U.S.A.L.
In here are orts from the B Sampler and the LK snowman. There are also threads from 'Inspiration', my current WIP. At the back you can see my goldfish bowl, which I use to hold bits and bobs - most importantly, all the bobbins I've recently used because I've been too lazy to spend the time to put them back in my boxes. Every so often I have a fit of cleanout and sort the bobbins back into their correct order. Also at the back is a FireKing jadeite D-Mug. I've a small collection of FK jadeite - perhaps growing at the rate of one piece per year. I've a set of 4 of these mugs, 8 chilli bowls and a Jane Ray creamer, and sugars and cup/saucer.

Of mice.... it appears that more than one mouse has made itself comfortable. Night before last, I was awoken by the cat and his acrobatics at 2:30. I was presented by one dead mouse. (thank goodness, because I just was NOT up to chasing a live one around at that time of morning!!!!) This afternoon, there was a commotion in John's room. The cat had yet another mouse. Harry was very brave and removed dead mouse to the garbage. I'm placing mousetraps in John's room tonight!!!!
so far the tally is...... mousetrap : 1 cat : 2
If if find more mice in John's room, then he is so going to spit it when I tell him that he'll be moving EVERY STICK OF FURNITURE an
d EVERY ITEM OF CLOTHING from his room until I find the nest of mice!!! Perhaps if I tell him that mice eat guitar strings it might become more important to him! ugh!

I also recently changed the blog lists on either side of my blog - thought I'd try to list them alphabetically. Doesn't work for me I'm afraid - it's going to take awhile, but I'm going to try to re-sort the blog lists into Stitchy/Patchwork/Thrifting/Frood & other. What category are YOU in????
I've got near to 200 blogs now on my reading list - It might take a while to read each one and re-organise you all. You all have such interesting tid-bits of information to share! Thank you.


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I am in the stitchers column, right where I guess I should be, I guess. We had a dead mouse on our patio the other day - can't imagine how it got there unless Sophie or Gracie brought it up. Ick. I made Rob pick it up. I hate looking at and especially touching dead things - no matter what they are.

Karyn said...

Oh boy, mice....I have a Jack Russ who is the premiere mouse catcher I say better dead than alive :)
I love the blog look, totally awesome :)

Bette said...

I say keep the cat, get rid of the mouse trap. His average is better.

Daffycat said...

Ewwww, I hate mice in the house! We recently had a new dishwasher installed and when they pulled out the old one there was a huge pile of dog food stored away behind it. The kibble looked ancient so it had been long ago but just the thought of all those dirty little feet running all over my clean kitchen had me creeped out!

Good luck getting rid of your unwanted guests! (I'm betting on the cat lol.)