Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I have the bestest quilting friend ever !!!!

It's nearing 11pm here...and I've just come from my friend Karen's house, no doubt she is still sitting at her machine quilting the Music Man wallhanging for me.!!!
I really need my sleep and she's offered to finish it for me in time to pick it up tomorrow after work.
(and she fed me dinner tonight too - yummo!)
My batting that I had brought was not quite right, so she's donated a piece of her own, and made the binding strips (because I forgot to last night!) and is finishing my top piece into the final work of art.

Good friends are hard to find.

I think I might keep this one!!!


1 comment:

Karen 'n Chris said...

Thank you ((Think I'll keep you too!!))
Now you really, really, Really and Trooly need to post a pic so that everybody else can see the wall hanging. You did done good for your first machine-pieced piece. Chookies dont count, they were appliqued.
Have a safe trip and happy birdy day to your dad.