Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thar's a Moose Loose in the Hoose !!!

No...not a moose - a mouse - a cute furry little brown field mouse that should be living OUTSIDE!!!

  • Cat brings mouse inside and drops it in the loungeroom
  • Mouse runs away - cat can no longer find mouse - loses interest and walks away.
  • I fling 3 camping chairs and a small pile of empty boxes (chairs should have been in garage, boxes in recycling bin anyway) outside in the vague hope that the mouse has a short, brief and violent ride outside.....
  • An hour later, son #2 looks under the couch and locates mouse.
  • Son #1 lifts up couch so we can 'catch' the mouse
  • Mouse skedaddles out from under the couch, between son #1's feet and into the kitchen and under the pantry door.
  • Sons #1&2 locate small furry timid little creature at the back of the pantry.
  • Son #1 lifts out 3 of 5 heavy boxes of floor tiles (have been in the bottom of the pantry since we moved in) out of the way - leaving 2 boxes to trap the mouse in the bottom of the panty
  • Son #2 tries to catch the mouse with his bare hands
  • Father and mother laugh at their efforts
  • Son #2 fails and somehow the mouse gets out of the pantry and runs along the floor.
  • Before I can scream coherently for somebody to grab a towel to cover the damn mouse - it runs under and behind the cabinet that is heavily loaded with glassware and has a fishtank on top.
  • I locate mouse on top of skirting board and poke a stick at it to get it to move out from behind the cabinet
  • mouse moves from behind cabinet - across the carpet and behind the stereo/video/dvd/plasma/entertainment system.
We can't find the mouse any more, but I know it's there - waiting to run over my toes in the dead of night.
Bloody Cat!

I'm not so much worried about it creating a nest and chewing the electrical wires (although that is a high consideration) I'm more concerned that it will find my charts/floss/fabric
Tomorrow I'm buying a mousetrap!


Daffycat said...

Darn cat!

ROFLOL This is such a funny story but then again, I'M not the one with a mouse loose in the house!

Vicky said...

We have a little critter also, he/she is eating the dog biscuits and then running under the fridge, time to get the moose trap out!

Bette said...

You have such a great way with telling a story. Can't say I've had a mouse in the house (oh wait, yes, I have) but I did have a bat loose in the house several years ago.

Kathy said...


Aren't cats wonderful. :) We had one who used to bring in half dead birds and put them under my Mom's bed. Oh, and my Mom was terrified of birds!

Thanks for the chuckle. :)

Karen 'n Chris said...

ROFL - He took his time in bringing you a toy to play with. But you do realise that now he has found one, he will know where to go to find more to bring to you.
Dont forget to tell him he is a clever boy and buy lots n lots of mouse traps.

Welcome to my world - lol.

Aussie Stitcher said...

That is so funny. I hope that you caught that pesky critter. It sounds that you had a wonderful extended birthday, sending lots of wishes your way.