Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sharing this morning's walk with you.

Morning all!!

After so many morning walks in the dark and not seeing much of anything - today was magic!!!

Firstly, just as we'd turned the corner onto the gravel path, at the darkest point of the walk, I heard this unearthly cry - not something heard at 5:45am. I swung the torch around and all I picked up was the reflective dots on a couple of marker posts....
hang on... there is NO marker post at that point of the path! I swung the torch around and that reflective dot was gone....hmmmm
As I neared the spot where I'd seen the dot, I heard some scrabbling in a nearby tree and sure enough - there was a large brushtail possum, somewhat startled clinging to the trunk of the tree at my eye level. I said good morning to him and moved on.
As I moved towards the turning point of the walk, I noticed two roos sitting at the edge of the streetlight's beam in the bowl of the court. I watched them watching me. As I got closer, I could identify a further 3 roos - two of them different sized joeys. Once again, I wished them a good morning, as a further 4 roos moved into the edge of the light and therefore my vision. I sensed there were more in the darkness, but rather than cause them greater alarm, moved on my way.
Cresting the top of the hill, on the footpath now, I called out to the bunnies - asking them to make an appearance. Well, then one broke cover from the naturestrip and raced across the road to the safety of the bush that marks the edge of the new estate.
A full set!!! Of course that sets a goofy smile on my face for the rest of the day.

I had a brilliant birthday weekend - still feeling rather euphoric from it all - so little stitching involved - OR chocolate, but a good mellow feeling from Friday through to Monday - great!
I did receive a new camers - but have I taken any photos of stitching yet???? I've yet to process all the photos I have taken - there are some that I deem suitable to share....even a self portrait! Won't be long at all - I promise!!!


Karen 'n Chris said...

Hoppy Birdyday to Bronny!!
Sorry I didnt get to speak to you but am working on something, even if its late - rofl - you know waht I'm like.
Guess what I got now?

stitchinfiend said...

Glad you had a great birthday and that everyone corporated for you on your morning walk. As you say nothing nicer to put a goofy smile on your face.